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Yan is a minor character in Horizon Zero Dawn.


Yan grew up in Mother's Rise with his sister Nakoa and their father. As one of the Nora living outside of the Embrace, Yan lived at the mercy of Carja soldiers during the decade-long Red Raids. During one of these raids, Yan's father was killed by the infamous captain Zaid. Yan likely escaped his home beforehand, as he was not present to witness the murder. While Yan despised Zaid for his crimes, his hatred paled in comparison to Nakoa, who watched their father's death from the cellar. Upon learning that Zaid had evaded punishment, Nakoa left the Sacred Lands to kill him herself, despite Yan's protests.

Associated Quests

A Daughter's Vengeance

While passing through Mother's Rise, the Nora Brave Aloy found Yan praying to All-Mother. Aware of Aloy's Seeker blessing, Yan begged her to look for Nakoa: while he knew that Nakoa would be exiled for leaving the Sacred Lands, he needed to at least know of her fate. To Yan's relief, Aloy agreed to keep an eye out for Nakoa. Before they parted, Yan advised that she visit his aunt Solai in Mother's Crown, for information regarding Nakoa. After escaping Zaid's clutches and killing him, Nakoa sent word to Solai (which was passed onto Yan) of both hers and Zaid's fate.


  • Yan's initial dialogue with Aloy will change slightly depending on whether Revenge of the Nora has been completed.
  • If A Daughter's Vengeance is completed before The Heart of the Nora, Yan can be found inside the Sacred Mountain.

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