White Teeth Chieftain is a minor character in Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds. He is the quest-giver for The Survivor, found at Keener's Rock.


He is the chieftain of the oldest and most revered werak of the Banuk, White Teeth. As a consequence of its prestige, only the hardiest hunters are accepted to join the werak. The White Teeth Chieftain governs admittance, directing candidates to the mountains northeast of Keener's Rock where they must survive four days and four nights, living off only the resources in the area.

The White Teeth Shaman serves alongside him.

Associated Quests

The Survivor

The Chieftain, along with his shaman and werak candidates, came down from Ban-Ur for their initiation test: to survive for four days and four nights upon the glaciers in the Knifetrail.

When Aloy finds the White Teeth on Keener's Rock, the Chieftain explains that they are waiting for the last two hunters, who have yet to return from the ordeal. Clearly revolted that the werak's standards would have them leave the missing hunters to die, Aloy ventures off to the glacier.

Thanks to Aloy's help, Mailen, one of the hunters, returns to Keener's Rock, albeit with a broken leg. The Chieftain is hesitant to accept Mailen due to the aid she received. However, Aloy convinces him and the shaman that Mailen has more than completed the ordeal, and they accept her into the White Teeth. When the Chieftain asks Aloy about Ikrie, the last remaining hunter, Aloy tells him that she died during the ordeal (in actuality, Ikrie found herself unable to join the werak, and asked that Aloy lie about her fate).

The Chieftain, along with the rest of his werak, returned to Ban-Ur shortly after.



  • If Aloy begins The Survivor quest after completing For the Werak, the Chieftain will note the "strange omen" of a Nora chieftain.
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