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"I can give you up to three weapons; one for fifteen Half Suns, one for fifteen Full Suns, and one you'll love for all Blazing Suns."

Weapons of the Lodge is a side quest in Horizon Zero Dawn.


After Aloy earns enough marks to enter the Hunters Lodge in Meridian, she is able to speak with the Lodge's special merchant, Aidaba, who explains that the Lodge rewards its members with powerful weapons for completing trials at Hunting Grounds. As a fledgling, Aloy is eligible to participate.

Obtain at least a Half Sun mark at every trial across all of the Hunting Grounds and return to Aidaba to collect your prize. A new weapon is available for collecting all marks in each tier: Half Sun, Full Sun, and Blazing Sun.


The Lodge weapons are slightly improved versions of their Shadow counterparts. Weapons available at each tier are:

In New Game+, the players will be rewarded with Adept versions of each Lodge weapons instead.


  1. Gather all Hunting Ground Rewards



Weapons of the Lodge - Very Hard - No Damage - Video Guide


  • Collecting a higher level mark automatically unlocks all of the marks below it, i.e. earning a Blazing Sun in one trial will also earn Aloy a Half Sun and Full Sun in the same trial.
  • The weapons rewarded in this quest are not sold in any merchant (unless bought back), making it impossible to acquire more than one in the same playthrough.
  • The Lodge weapons are attribute-wise the best variants of their respective type in the base game. In Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wildsthe Banuk Champion Bow's overdraw feature gives it higher attributes than the Lodge War Bow when fully drawn.  When not fully drawn, the Lodge War Bow still has higher attributes than the Banuk Champion Bow.
  • To even win a reward from this quest, players will inevitably have to:
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