"The Way of Broken Stones is a hard run, even in the best of times."
Carja guard at Daytower

The Way of Broken Stones is an unmarked location in Horizon Zero Dawn. It is the primary route through the Sundom, running from the eastern border fort of Daytower to the capital city of Meridian.


The Way of Broken Stones was the route taken by the predecessors of the Carja as they fled religious persecution in the Savage East. While many of their members died along the way, including the family of the first Sun-King Araman, they eventually made it to the territory now known as the Sundom and built Meridian in the shadow of the Spire.[1]

After his ascension to the throne, Sun-King Avad devoted considerable resources to ensure the route remained safe from increasingly deranged machines and bandits, with patrols of Carja guards frequenting the route.


Aloy: "Captain Balahn? The guard at the gate said you'd been to Meridian recently. What can I expect on the trail?"
Balahn: "Nothing good - more machines all the time, and our scouts report corruption that way as well. So much for sealing things off. Keep to the roads, they're safe enough."
A Seeker at the Gates


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