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Waterlogged is a side quest in Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds.


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Obtaining the quest

This quest can be obtained in one of two ways. If Aloy speaks to Laulai, she will inform Aloy of a sudden rush of water that has flooded the basin at Deep Din and obstructed her family's legacy. Aloy will offer to investigate. Laulai can be found in Song's Edge, but if Aloy does not speak to her there she will turn up in Longnotch later.

Alternatively, Aloy can bypass Laulai and visit Deep Din or Greycatch on her own. The quest will automatically start when Aloy gets close to one of the locations.


  1. Go to the Lake
  2. Follow the River Upstream
  3. Find an Entrance
  4. Enter the Greycatch
  5. Explore the Control Room
    1. Examine the Control Panel
    2. Examine the Schematics
    3. Examine the Breaker Bank
  6. Explore the Dam
  7. Find the Source of the Shouting
    1. Talk to the Oseram
  8. Follow Gildun
  9. Close the First Sluice Gate
    1. Find a Path to the Other Side
    2. Unblock Sluice Gate
    3. Lock the First Sluice Gate
  10. Follow Gildun
  11. Find a Path to the Second Sluice Gate
  12. Lower the Emergency Ladder
  13. Close the Second Sluice Gate
    1. Find a Path to the Other Side
    2. Look for the Counterweight
    3. Get on the Counterweight
    4. Lock the Second Sluice Gate
  14. Recover the Emitter
    1. Kill the Snapmaw
    2. Search the Snapmaw
  15. Restore Power to the Door
    1. Return to the Control Center
    2. Replace the Emitter
  16. Go to the Storage Room
    1. Find a Power Cell
    2. Replace the Power Cell
    3. Talk to Gildun
  17. Go to the Overflow Basin
  18. Enter the Overflow Basin
  19. Find the Source of the Sound
  20. Talk to Laulai



Waterlogged - Ultra Hard - No Damage - Video Guide


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  • Gildun can be found at Longnotch after the quest's completion, and a conversation can be had with him. However, he will speak as if Firebreak and The Forge of Winter have not been completed (this is likely a glitch).
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