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"The lesson will be taught in due time, Aloy. Until then, we wait."
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"You must learn to avoid their gaze if you are to survive in the wilds."
Rost, showing Aloy a Watcher for the first time

The Watcher is a machine in Horizon Zero Dawn and Horizon Call of the Mountain, and makes cutscene/hologram-only appearance in Horizon Forbidden West.


It's unknown when Watchers first appeared, but it's likely they were one of the machines designed by GAIA to assist in reconnaissance.

However, after the Extinction Signal led to HEPHAESTUS's transformation into an AI and escape from GAIA's self-destruction,[1] HEPHAESTUS altered the machines’ behavior in response to the human practice of machine hunting, turning the machines from skittish and fleeing from humans to aggressive towards them,[2] with Watchers taking the role of sentries to warn other machines of a human nearby.

At six years old, Aloy's guardian Rost showed Watchers to her as part of teaching her how to avoid and ambush machines. She put this knowledge to good use, enhanced by the abilities of the Focus she had acquired, when she negotiated a path through a pack of them as they patrolled around a Strider herd to rescue a young Nora man named Teb.[3]

As an adult, Aloy encountered and destroyed Watchers many times during her adventures through the Sacred Lands, Sundom and the Cut, including their more powerful Corrupted and Daemonic states. Most of the Corrupted Watchers she encountered were being used by the Eclipse as patrol guards and soldiers. However, she stopped encountering them as she traveled west to the Daunt and the Forbidden West.


The Watcher resembles a small theropod dinosaur, possibly an alvarezsauroid due to their reduced forelimbs. Its chassis length is slightly greater than the height of an average adult human. Its most distinctive feature is its disproportionately large head which houses a highly sensitive ocular sensor array, all mounted on a long, flexible neck composed of synthetic muscle that allows for a wide field of vision. The Watcher's body primarily connects the neck and a flexible tail of similar design. An offset hip bearing is attached on either side of the body, each leading into a thin springboard leg. The head, body, and hips are covered with white armor plating.


Watchers are primarily deployed in groups around herds of small terraforming machines, such as Striders, Grazers and Lancehorns. Each Watcher patrols a circuitous path around the herd, stopping at intervals to crane its neck vertically to its full length and optically scan the area. This allows the herd to work without having to stop and look out for threats. They also act as escorts for transport machines, such as Shell-Walkers.

If a Watcher detects and identifies a threat, it loudly sounds a warning, causing the herd to either flee or turn aggressive. Frequently, Watchers are deployed in tandem with a combat machine, such as a Sawtooth, which will immediately converge on the alerting Watcher’s position as a primary threat response. Even in the absence of a combat machine or if not protecting a herd, Watchers will immediately and aggressively attack threats upon identification. Furthermore, their loud alert call summons any nearby, more dangerous machines, quickly escalating a battle.[4]


Aside from their ability to detect and alert other machines to threats, Watchers utilize their numbers to flank and attack an enemy. Their basic attack is a melee in which they jump and throw themselves at the threat; their momentum can cause significant injury to any human they employ this attack against. They will also use their tails in a bludgeoning attack at close range. Additionally, they also employ a stun attack in which they emit an extremely bright flash from their optical sensor array, which blinds and disorients humans. This can be avoided by using the Shadow Stalwart armor. They are also capable of firing concussive energy projectiles.[5]


Watchers are unarguably the weakest known machines. Despite their aggressiveness in confronting a perceived threat, they are not designed for combat. Their melee attacks are clumsy, easily avoidable and leave them highly vulnerable to counter-attacks. Their capacity to sustain damage is minimal. Indeed, they are easily struck down by a strong melee attack from an upgraded spear, and like all small machines, they can be ambushed and killed with a single Silent Strike or killed in battle with a single Critical Hit after sustaining previous damage. Burn states inflict enough damage to kill them before dissipating. However a pack of Watchers can cause difficulty for a hunter in combat against a larger, more aggressive machine, as their attacks become a significant distraction.

A Watcher’s optical sensor array or “eye” is its sole tactical weakness, and its size and position make it a highly vulnerable target as the Watcher charges forward. A single strike on it from a high-powered ranged weapon such as a Sharpshot Bow inflicts catastrophic damage, killing the Watcher immediately. A great way to approach them without being blinded is by equiping the Shadow Stalwart outfit.


Name Damage Type Primary Damage Trigger Range Description
Blinding Stun Flash Blinding 0 6m - 11m Temporarily blinds and disorients human enemy with bright flash of light; ineffective against enemy machines
Energy Blast Explosion 40 0m - 55m Fires concussive energy projectile at enemy. Tends to only use if it cannot close to melee range
Head Strike Melee 75 4m - 9m Jumps at enemy using head as bludgeon; opportunity for immediate counter-attack from enemy should it miss
Jumping Smash Melee 75 6m - 11m Jumps at enemy using body as bludgeon; opportunity for immediate counter-attack from enemy should it miss
Tail Strike Melee 85 2.5m - 6m Short-range spinning bludgeon attack with tail


Image: Component: Information: Weakness: Strength:
Body Hard outer casing to protect synthetic muscle and operational systems. None None
Eye Hitting this component deals greater damage to the machine. All None



  • Watchers are the first machines that Aloy encounters through her training with Rost as a child (thus Watches are the first machine the player encounters in gameplay).[3]
  • During development, Watchers were referred to as Scouts.[6]
  • While standard Watchers are seen in the opening of Horizon Forbidden West, as well as in a hologram,[7] only the Redeye variant is ever seen in gameplay.
    • However, Watchers and an Apex Watcher variant exist within the game files and can be spawned in the game world through a mod (PC only).



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