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Varga is a minor character in Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds.


Varga is an Oseram weapons tinkerer located in Longnotch. She is the daughter of Burgrend, an Oseram merchant that Aloy meets in Song's Edge.

Once Aloy meets her on Longnotch, thanks to Burgrend's advice, she shows a great fascination for the most technologically advanced weapons of the Banuk, like the Shaman's Stormslinger and Aratak's Icerail. She is especially interested in them since most of the other Banuk just order and buy bows and spears, making her bored. She also tells Aloy about the Forgefire she made for the Oseram Ohlgrud, but she regrets that, since he turned out to be a bandit

When Aloy has obtained the Stormslinger from Ourea, the Icerail after becoming Chieftain of Aratak's werak, and killed Ohlgrud to get the Forgefire, Varga can help her by improving these weapons thanks to her knowledge and experience. To do this she ask Aloy for a Bellowback snout, a Thunderjaw mandible, and a Stormbird talon; Varga joins her on the hunt for the last two.

After Aloy has acquired the specific parts, Varga gets to work and gives the improved version of these weapons to Aloy free of charge because of the fun she had. However, she asks Aloy not to tell her father about it. 


A tinkerer by trade, Varga has an obvious passion for tinkering and weapon design. Both she and her father admit that they get along better as business partners than as family.

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