Corporal Vandana Sarai is a minor character in Horizon Zero Dawn. Cpl. Sarai was a soldier in the 9th Mechanized Response Brigade, and fought during Operation: Enduring Victory.


Early Life

In her young adulthood, Vandana Sarai intended to join the United States military. However, in 2055, a few days after she left boot camp, the United States decided to disband all human combat forces.[1] Sarai was subsequently discharged, and turned to drinking and mercenary work to make a living.

Joining Operation: Enduring Victory

By late 2064, Sarai had pulled her life together, and was working for the Oceanic Economic Zone. It was around this time that Sarai was approached by U.S. Robot Command about Operation: Enduring Victory.[2] Tempted by the offer, and the opportunity to serve her country like she had always intended, Sarai joined the military once again. Eventually, she gained a spot with the 9th Mechanized Response Brigade.


In January 2066, Sarai, like the rest of her Brigade died during the fall of the U.S.R.C base.


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