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Uthid is a character and potential ally in Horizon Zero Dawn. He is a Carja soldier who went to Sunfall in the aftermath of Avad’s Liberation to become one of the the Shadow Carja. However he became disillusioned with the Shadow Carja leaders. This disillusionment came to a head when he was falsely accused by the High Priest Bahavas of attempted regicide to hide Bahavas’ own crimes.

The Nora huntress Aloy saved him from death at the hands of bounty hunters, after which he killed Bahavas and defected to the Carja.


A Carja Soldier

Uthid was a respected Carja soldier with twenty years of loyal service to Sun-King Jiran.

He believed Jiran was the chosen of the Sun, which is worshiped by the Carja as a deity, and that this was irrespective of his despotic rule. He was a captain in the Carja army during the Red Raids, and because of his belief, did not question them. However he took no part in the atrocities that were a staple of these raids.

A Shadow Carja

When Jiran was overthrown by his middle son Avad, Uthid believed that Jiran’s youngest son Itamen, not Avad, was the true Sun-King, as he was Jiran’s chosen heir, though he is but a child. This belief compelled him to go with the Jiran loyalists, their slaves and other members of the Carja underclass to Sunfall. Here the two most senior loyalists, Helis and Bahavas, established the Shadow Carja as a splinter tribe from the Carja, with Itamen as the de jure Sun-King, though they held de facto power.


However as time passed, Uthid noticed that the actions and attitudes of the ruling priests did not square with the honor and integrity that they claimed to profess. This was exemplified by their complete lack of care for the destitute underclass, who lived in squalor in Shadowside, the tent city around Sunfall’s palace, the Citadel, while they lived comfortably behind the Citadel’s walls. He did his best to alleviate as much of their suffering as he could by feeding orphans from his rations and protecting the elderly and infirm, punishing anyone who harmed or took advantage of them. Uthid became respected and well-regarded among the Carja in Shadow for his righteousness, especially by the Carja spy Vanasha.

The Murders

Time passed. Uthid continued helping the underclass, becoming more and more disillusioned with the rulers. Then came a spate of mysterious deaths among the underclass. The dead were always the elderly, infirm or very young, and the deaths were in far too rapid a succession to be from natural causes. Uthid investigated and found it to be the work of an assassin, poisoning victims in the dead of night. With a group of other soldiers, he apprehended the murderer and turned him over to the High Priest Bahavas.

A Fugitive

Unbeknownst to Uthid at the time, Bahavas himself had ordered the murders. Bahavas thanked Uthid for his diligence, and then had the murderer released. Knowing that this action exposed him as the perpetrator of the killings, Bahavas set the Kestrels upon Uthid's men. Uthid was the only survivor, and he escaped to a remote location known as the Greenclimb, where he had once held off an entire Bandit clan. Knowing that Bahavas would send bounty hunters to find and kill him, he wanted to make a last stand at this location, as he was very familiar with it. Uthid did not expect to survive the onslaught, nor, truth be told, did he want to. His faith in the Shadow Carja shattered by Bahavas's wickedness, he deemed that all his two decades of service to the Sun-King with honor and sacrifice were meaningless. He therefore wanted to make a last stand at the Greenclimb, ending his life fighting.

Meanwhile, Bahavas declared Uthid a traitor, accusing him of attempting to murder Itamen and putting a bounty on his head.

Vanasha and Aloy

What Uthid did not know was that someone in the Citadel was looking out for him: Vanasha. Knowing the absurdity of the accusation, she quickly deduced that Bahavas was trying to hide a scandal Uthid had stumbled upon, and thus sought a way to help him without compromising her cover. That way presented itself in the form of Aloy. Vanasha spotted Aloy when the machine huntress arrived in Sunfall. Aware of her reputation as a helper of the innocent, she approached her and set up a meeting with her in Shadowside. Vouching for Uthid's character, Vanasha asked Aloy to help Uthid. She informed her that his most probable location was the Greenclimb, for aforementioned reasons.

Fighting the Bounty Hunters

Aloy convinces Uthid to keep living

Aloy went to the Greenclimb, where she indeed found Uthid, prepared for his last stand. She suggested an alternative: defect to the Carja, and serve a king who both understood and valued honor and sacrifice that the Shadow Carja had spat upon. As Uthid considered the idea, a group of Banuk bounty hunters, known as Kikuk’s Killers, appeared. Aloy fought alongside him; together they killed them. Soon after, a group of Oseram bounty hunters called Odund’s Marvels appeared, accompanied by Bahavas his personal Kestrel guard. The High Priest had come to watch Uthid’s demise. By this time, Aloy’s bravery, skill and fearlessness had begun to drive home her suggestion; indeed, as they faced Odund’s Marvels, Uthid remarked with a smile that he had come there to die, but she was starting to change his mind. A third group called Yun’s Shunned, composed of Nora cast out for felonies such as murder, were intercepted and killed by Vanasha before they could reach Uthid.

Justice Upon Bahavas

Uthid corners and confronts Bahavas, as Aloy looks on

Upon the deaths of the Oseram, Bahavas and the Kestrels withdrew, but Uthid and Aloy caught up with them. Bahavas taunted Uthid, ordering the Kestrels to kill them while he stood back and watched. He expected to watch their deaths in triumph, only to watch in alarm as his guard fell to Uthid and Aloy. Uthid then advanced on Bahavas, knife drawn. Bahavas frantically tried to justify his crimes, insisting the culling was necessary for the Shadow Carja's survival. Uthid did not bother to rebut him, killing the Sun-Priest and avenging the victims of the culling.

Vanasha arrived soon after. Knowing that Uthid could not return to Sunfall and that defecting was his only choice, she had arranged transport for him to Meridian. Uthid accepted. He and Vanasha remained at the Greenclimb talking about the details while Aloy left, bound for another mission that Vanasha has asked her to undertake after she had arrived.

The Battle for Meridian

Uthid became a military advisor to Sun-King Avad. He took part in the defense of Meridian against an impending all-out assault by the Shadow Carja cult known as the Eclipse. He and Vanasha helped prepare defenses at Meridian Village’s southern gate, known as the Overlook, where they again encountered Aloy. During the battle, he fought the Eclipse’s Corrupted Machines in Meridian Village.


Uthid is an honorable military veteran with a strong sense of right and wrong. Unlike many high-class Carja who held loyalty to Jiran, he strongly believes in caring for the weak, and deems anyone who would harm them an enemy. While he religiously held the belief that the Sun-King is the Sun’s chosen vessel, his belief was not fanatical, unlike the Shadow Carja leaders such as Helis.

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