To begin with, I must say that HORIZON: ZERO DAWN is my absolute favorite game. From the gorgeous graphics to the stunning machines, it has always impressed and inspired me. So I wanted to give back. Specifically, I like the ideas behind it, what with the Machines, human intrigue, and even the raw survival themes prelavent in almost every encounter. So, to start, I would like to begin with this. I do not like how this game doesn't have a sequel. (you can read up on that in my message wall, and I wrote this before knowing there was a sequel) And even more so, I don't like what many would consider the sequel, FROZEN WILDS. but rather than be pessimistic and lament, I want to explain this: I have an idea for HORIZON and where it could go. I'm creating a book, which I hope will translate into a game, where Aloy is no longer alone as a creation of the Cauldrons, specifically, ELUTHIA-9 (pardon if I spelled that wrong) went ahead and produced more thanks to Rampancy. And so, it's a total of twenty years later, and Aloy is now 39, and wondering about how to pass down the torch. she's re-instated GIGA, made LOKI a new machine (a Router, a type of machine that manages the Cauldrons) because of the data he needs to collect, and has defeated HADES twice. and so, when she discovers that a lone Ban-Uk has come from the wilderness after years of isolation, and with what appears to be a son of direct descent from Elizabet Sobeck, even though the Ban-Uk doesn't appear to be a clone herself. Well, I've hinted enough. anyway, I was hoping to introduce myself and this book, specifically as a way for others to introduce their own ideas, their own wants on the HORIZON: ZERO DAWN game. here's hoping, however, that this is discovered. I just got to stage two, and would love others to add their own ideas (as stated). so, without further ado, the topic of this next idea is this: further cleanup.

I so far have gotten a good amount of the cannon fodder out of the way, and am working on revising the Outcast, the book I was talking about. it'll take a whiiiiile. I have recently gone on a pruning spree, and would love to have a few people go ahead and post on everything that's not erased.

long story short, I'm gonna be finalizing all the information of the machines, and starting to work on the gameplay aspects as well as lore.

that's all for now. have fun modifying and adding in.

Trices (talk) 19:27, December 12, 2019 (UTC)

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