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Dialog/Story Changes

Main Quest

Mother's Heart

  • When speaking with Aloy, Bast will refer to giving Aloy a scar as a "cherished memory". Aloy's response is dependent on the choice made in the flashpoint during Lessons of the Wild.
    • Aloy chose to throw the rock at Bast's head: Aloy will comment that Bast was lucky that Rost intervened, or he would have lost his eye.
    • Aloy chose to knock the rock out of Bast's hand: Aloy will comment that it was funny seeing the resulting look on his face.
    • Aloy chose to drop her rock: she will comment that she remembers the other children seeing Bast as a monster.

A Seeker at the Gates

  • Occurs when Varl and Aloy meet at the Embrace Gate.
    • If Aloy is riding the Strider as she passes through the gate, Varl will ask if he just saw Aloy riding a Strider.

Deep Secrets of the Earth

  • Occurs after Aloy watches The Good News, learning the nature of Project Zero Dawn.
    • If the Frozen Wilds has been completed, Sylens will add in HEPHAESTUS taking over CYAN as part of the mysteries surrounding the current status of Zero Dawn.

The Looming Shadow

  • A number of allies will join the defenses depending on Aloy's completion of certain side quests.

Into the Frozen WildsFW

  • There are three quest givers: the Carja noble Rhavid, the Oseram merchant Ohtur, and the Banuk envoy Yariki. Once of them is chosen, the other two will disappear (Ohtur may reappear depending on completion of The Hunters Three), and can not be interacted with for the rest of the game.
    • Rhavid is chosen: Aloy will be able to speak with him following completion of The Forge of Winter. Aloy will remark briefly on her experiences in the Cut. Rhavid will share his "progress" with learning how to hunt machines, to which Aloy will mutter that he needs a new hobby.

Side Quests

The Forgotten

  • When Aloy first goes to speak with Olara, Olara's reaction will be dependent on the current position in the main story.
    • If Aloy starts the mission before the Proving, Olara will initially be reluctant to accept help from an outcast out of fear of getting in trouble. When Aloy points out that there is nobody else around to help, Olara will apologize for being callous and ask Aloy for help.
    • If Aloy starts the mission after the Proving, Olara will recognize Aloy as the Proving's victor, and ask for her help in finding Brom.

Insult to Injury

  • This side quest has two quest-givers: the first is Enara, who can be found in Mother's Heart. The second, and more easily noticed, is Fia, who can be found in Mother's Rise.
    • If Aloy takes the quest from Fia, most of Fia's original optional dialogue will be available. Enara will not be available to speak with.
    • If Aloy takes the quest from Enara.
  • Kurnst's dialogue with Aloy is dependent on the main quest's progress.

Fatal Inheritance

  • Much of the dialogue with Daradi is dependent on how much Aloy has discovered regarding the machine lure.



Rost's Grave

  • Aloy's dialogue when she visits Rost's grave is largely dependent on her



  • Aloy's progression into Sunfall, as well as Sylens's dialogue, is dependent on the main quest's process.
    • If Aloy approaches Sunfall before completing The City of the Sun, Sylens will reveal himself in order to warn her not to enter Sunfall and risk being detected by the Eclipse.
    • If Aloy attempts to enter the Citadel before completing To Curse the Darkness, Sylens will stop her from passing, warning her that doing so will cause her to be detected by the Eclipse.

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Tribe Idiom List


  • All-Mother be praised!
  • Goddess bless you
  • May All-Mother keep you safe
  • May All-Mother lend you strength
  • May the Goddess protect


  • By the sun!
  • By the Sun's witness
  • Follow the shadow, and you'll find a flame
  • For every shadow, there's sunlight
  • May the Sun blaze at your back
  • May the Sun light [deceased's] passing.
  • May the Sun light your way
  • May you walk in the light
  • No shadows under a noonday sun.


  • By fire and spit! (expletive)
  • By the forge
  • Cool your fire (calm down)
  • Hammer and steel
  • Hammer to steel (plain and simple)
  • Plain-hammered person (simple person)
  • Steel before iron! (war-cry of sorts)
  • Steel to my soul (honest and truthful)
  • That fits my wheel just fine (that suits me)
  • You've been done up tight as a bolt
  • Molten steel of youth


  • Banukai watch over me
  • By the Blue Light
  • Great Banukai!
  • Thaw (spring)
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