Urkai is a minor character in Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds.


Urkai was previously a member of a werak in Ban-Ur, but he fled alongside Tatai and Tulemak after a dispute with their chieftain, Onnekut. An egotistical and power-hungry chieftain, the werak had become divided into those willing to follow him with false support and those who refused to submit to his leadership. Of those who opposed him, Tatai called for a new chieftain and her mentor, Nukoni, challenged Onnekut for control of the werak. Despite Nukoni's superior hunting skills, Onnekut returned as the victor. Suspicious of the circumstances, Tatai, Urkai and Tulemak investigated only to find that Nukoni was murdered.

It is strongly implied that Onnekut was her murderer. Knowing that he would target them next, the three of them gathered what they could and fled from Ban-Ur, hoping to start anew in the Sundom. Due to poor equipment, they were forced to stop in the Cut where they encountered Burgrend. Burgrend agreed to stock them with supplies for their journey, on the condition that they bring him a Thunderjaw Heart. While they took down a Thunderjaw, their lack of experience harvesting parts caused them to destroy the heart, leaving it wrecked and useless. Burgrend gave them a second chance, giving them three more parts to find. However, only with Aloy's assistance in scavenging the required chine parts were they able to repay him.

Upon agreeing on a name for their werak, dependent on Aloy's response to a flashpoint, Urkai headed for the Sundom to meet with Ohtur, who could teach them to harvest machine parts.


Urkai is hot-headed and cocky, often talking before thinking and bickering with Tatai. He is scornful of Ban-Ur, which he associates with his hated chieftain.

While proficient as a hunter, Urkai seems to have the most trouble harvesting machine parts (it is implied that he was the one who broke the Thunderjaw heart).

Associated Quests


  • While searching for a name for their new werak, Urkai unsuccessfully recommends "The Flaming Skulls" and "The Burning Turkeys."


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