The USRC's insignia

The U.S. Robot Command, known formally as the United States Robot Command and abbreviated as U.S.R.C. or USRC, was an entity of the United States government in the Old World, prior to the events of Horizon Zero Dawn.


The United States disbanded all human combat forces and had a fully automated military by the year 2055.[1] General Aaron Herres, Chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff, was in charge of the U.S.R.C. and its various robotic warfare projects, including Operation: Enduring Victory.

Operation: Enduring Victory

On November 3, 2064, Elisabet Sobeck arrived at the headquarters of U.S.R.C. to warn them about the Faro Plague. General Herres and the Joint Chiefs were appalled at the news, but agreed to help Sobeck with her plan. To buy Sobeck time for Project Zero Dawn, U.S.R.C launched Operation: Enduring Victory, headed by General Herres. The backbone of the U.S.R.C. during this period was the Mechanized Response Brigades and the Civilian Guard Brigades.

The ruin site known as the Grave-Hoard was formerly the headquarters of the U.S.R.C. and Operation: Enduring Victory. It was also the site of one of the last battles against the Faro Plague. Another ruin site known as the Bunker was an important U.S.R.C. R&D facility, responsible among things for the creation of the UltraWeave power armor.


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