The Turing Act was a piece of legislation important to the backstory of Horizon Zero Dawn.


The Turing Act was created in 2044 and named after Alan Turing. According to the datapoint Turing Act criticized, it was created in response to the AI VAST SILVER going rogue and posing a danger to humanity, much like the later threat of HADES.

It created the MIE, which regulated AIs and prevented them from being intelligent enough to achieve full sentience. The intelligence of an AI was measured in units also called "Turing", with 1.0T being the point where it would become indistinguishable from a human in a Turing test. In Sobeck Journal, 11-19-64 R, Elisabet Sobeck says the MIE can "go hang", expressing her excitement about GAIA's rapidly growing intelligence, which soon surpassed the record of 1.38T and made it the most powerful AI ever created.

The fact that CYAN was also in violation of the Turing Act was kept a secret by its creators, Kenny Chau and Anita Sandoval, to protect its capability to operate effectively.

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