Traps are weapons that can be used to snare and destroy machines in Horizon Zero Dawn. They can be created using the crafting system, purchased from merchants, or found in some Treasure Boxes.

Trap Stats

Damage displayed on the chart are arranged from left to right following difficulty order from easiest to hardest. Numbers in Bold are applied on Normal Difficulty.

Elemental severity remains the same between Easy and Very Hard

Type Trigger Damage Damage-Icon.png Elemental
Shock Trap Proximity N/A Shock-Icon.png 225-150-75
Blast Trap Proximity 640-200-160-144-128-112 N/A
Blast Trap
Damage 480-150-120-108-96-84 N/A

Acquisition Details

Variant Regular Cost Ultra Hard Cost Sell Value
Shock MetalShardsTransparent.png 20 MetalShardsTransparent.png 80 MetalShardsTransparent.png 10
Blast MetalShardsTransparent.png 22 MetalShardsTransparent.png 88 MetalShardsTransparent.png 11
Detonating Blast MetalShardsTransparent.png 25 MetalShardsTransparent.png 100 MetalShardsTransparent.png 12


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Stealth Weapons Traps - Tripcaster
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