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"By the will of Radiant Itamen does the Sun glare down mercilessly on the traitor Uthid!"

Traitor's Bounty is a side quest in Horizon Zero Dawn.


When Aloy arrives in Sunfall during the main quest Deep Secrets of the Earth, she gains access to the Citadel's throne room by blending in with a group of outlanders who are gathering to listen to High Priest Bahavas list the day’s bounties. Among them is a high bounty for a Shadow Carja traitor named Uthid who has been accused of conspiring to infiltrate the Citadel and murder the young prince Itamen.

While Aloy listens to Bahavas list Uthid's crimes, a woman in the crowd remarks quietly to Aloy that Uthid has been falsely accused and cryptically requests that Aloy seek her out in Shadowside for more information. Aloy later finds the woman in the Tent City distributing fruit to the impoverished refugee children on behalf of Dowager Queen Nasadi. She introduces herself as Vanasha and explains that Uthid has been set up by Bahavas, vouching for him personally. She urges Aloy to find him before he is killed by the bounty-hunters.

Vanasha has reason to believe Uthid will seek refuge in the Greenclimb. Based on this intel, Aloy heads to the three dead trees south of Sunfall that mark the start of the path. She uses her Focus to follow Uthid's tracks from the trees and up the Greenclimb where she finds an abandoned camp. She continues to follow his tracks past the camp to a destroyed Grazer that has been stripped for parts. After defeating Glinthawks perched in the nearby foothills, Aloy continues to follow the tracks and eventually finds a defensive Uthid ready to strike. Aloy convinces him that she believes him to be innocent, and he beckons her forward.

As they discuss the crimes Uthid has been accused of, waves of mercenary groups begin to descend on their position and Aloy must join Uthid to fight off the onslaught of enemies. The first wave contains the Banuk known as Kikuk and his band of mercenaries called Kikuk's Killers. After they are defeated, Aloy and Uthid must fight the Oseram mercenary called Odund and his group, Odund's Marvels. Odund has brought the High Priest Bahavas and his personal guard along to witness the Marvels' kill. After killing all of the outlanders, Aloy and Uthid must defeat Bahavas' personal guard, three skilled fighters known as Relentless Shivin, Merciful Yusis, and Savage Tarav. Uthid then kills Bahavas himself.

Once Bahavas is dead, Vanasha appears. She explains that she has dispatched the third mercenary group, Yun's Shunned, and arranged for Uthid to go to Meridian where he will serve as a military advisor to Sun-King Avad. Vanasha also reveals that she has been posing as Nasadi's handmaiden and plans to help the Queen and her son flee to Meridian in the wake of Bahavas' death. She asks Aloy to check in with Three-Toe Huadiv who has been clearing the way for them near the Branded Shore.


  1. Talk to Vanasha
  2. Go to the Three Dead Trees
  3. Follow the Tracks
  4. Go to the Top of the Greenclimb
  5. Investigate the Camp
  6. Follow the Tracks
  7. Examine the Destroyed Grazer
  8. Kill the Glinthawks
  9. Follow the Tracks
  10. Talk to Uthid
  11. Kill the Outlanders
  12. Follow Uthid
  13. Gather Supplies before more Outlanders arrive.
  14. Kill the Outlanders
  15. Follow Uthid
  16. Kill Bahavas' Guards
  17. Talk to Bahavas



Traitor’s Bounty - Very Hard - No Damage - Video Guide


  • If this quest has been completed before The Looming Shadow, Uthid will join Aloy as an ally in Meridian.
  • If The Terror of the Sun has been completed, Bahavas will have an additional line about scalping Aloy and turning her over to Helis as combat begins against his bodyguards.
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