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To Old Acquaintance is an errand in Horizon Zero Dawn.


After the re-opening of the gate at Daytower, the Oseram alewife Gera receives word that her husband Kendert is on his way to Hunter's Gathering from the Claim. She informs Aloy that he was last seen by metal-sellers at the bridge near the Glarebreak but has since failed to show up. Aloy agrees that if she ventures out that way, she will keep a look out for him.

Reaching the bridge where Kendert was last seen, Aloy follows some erratic cart tracks along the road using her Focus. The tracks lead her to an abandoned cart where a number of goods have been scattered around the area. Inspecting a decent amount of blood in the dirt, Aloy then follows the trail of blood until it stops. Aloy believes Kendert must have had time to bind his wounds. From there she discovers more goods of Oseram make.

Confident that Kendert is close by, Aloy continues, spotting a man seeking refuge high up on the slopes above a herd of Tramplers. Kendert then explains he sought shelter from a sandstorm but ended up running into the herd of Tramplers. Pointing out that among his scattered goods there were five bottles of Scrappersap, a valuable alcoholic beverage, Aloy agrees to to retrieve the bottles. After taking down the machines and recovering the Scrappersap, Aloy points Kendert in the direction of Daytower before departing.

Returning to Gera at Daytower, the Oseram assures Aloy that there will always be a drink for her at Hunter's Gathering. 


  1. Go to the Bridge near the Glarebreak where Kendert was last seen.
  2. Search for Tracks
  3. Follow the Cart Tracks
  4. Investigate the Area
  5. Follow the Blood Trail
  6. Investigate the Area
  7. Follow the Trail of Objects
  8. Investigate the Area
  9. Find Kendert
  10. Talk to Kendert
  11. Recover Scrappersap Bottles (5)
  12. Deliver the Scrappersap to Kendert
  13. Return to Gera



To Old Acquaintance - Very Hard - No Damage - Video Guide


  • After this mission is complete, Gera and Kendert can be found arm-wrestling at Hunter's Gathering.
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