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"I barely escaped. My comrades weren't so lucky. I might shed a tear, if they weren't all cutthroats and cheaters."
―Three-Toe Huadiv

Three-Toe Huadiv is a minor character in Horizon Zero Dawn.


Three-Toe Huadiv and his team of bounty hunters were contracted by Vanasha, an agent of Sun-King Avad, to assist in the defection of Avad's younger brother Itamen and his mother Nasadi from the Shadow Carja stronghold at Sunfall. They were to receive them and take them safely across the Shadow Carja border to the Carja settlement Brightmarket.

Associated Quests

Queen's Gambit

To facilitate the royals' defection, Huadiv and his men were to secure a gorge which Vanasha intended to use to escort Itamen and Nasadi through to the edge of the Daybrink at a point known as the Branded Shore.

However, unknown to them all, a Rockbreaker prowled the gorge. It killed all of the bounty hunters save Huadiv, who barely escaped by getting up to a mesa above the gorge, where the machine was certain not to reach him. The Nora Brave Aloy, who had been enlisted by Vanasha as a backup plan in case the original went awry, arrived and found him. Hearing from him what had happened, and knowing that Vanasha and the royals would surely be killed if they entered the gorge, she immediately engaged and killed the Rockbreaker, alone, much to Huadiv's amazement.

After Vanasha and the royals arrived, Huadiv escorted them down the gorge to a barge on the Branded Shore, while Aloy and Vanasha dealt with two other threats. With the area finally secured, the entire party crossed the lake to Brightmarket.

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