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Thrashers were a type of security and combat robot widely in use by corporations and other organizations in the late 21st Century, prior to the Faro Plague.


First introduced around the second half of the 2030's by an unknown manufacturer, Thrashers were low-cost combat robots originally intended for ground-level perimeter security of corporate facilities and infrastructure, especially those located in more remote areas. The primary threats to be protected from would have been ground-based robots from other corporations attempting to carry out such activities as claim jumping, data theft and outright sabotage. Thrashers would often be used in conjunction with sniffers (lifter-based patrol and surveillance robots). Manufactured, sold and used by many corporate entities, they quickly became ingrained in popular culture as they also became the mainstay of so-called 'corp-wars', live broadcast ceremonial battles between the robot armies and champions of different corporations which had become a profitable source of income.[1] Real corporate warfare on the other hand took place more or less out of the public eye, at least where the actual combat was concerned.

Not much else is currently known about these machines, apart from the fact they were usually optimized for close ranged and melee combat, and used a medium to large sized walker or other articulated chassis (there were many different models and configurations). It can be assumed that they were generally well armored. Thrashers were still in widespread production and use as of the early 2060s, but were overall no match for higher end robots such as the Chariot series.


  1. May have originally begun, and possibly occasionally still genuinely used, as a dispute resolution mechanism.
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