Thiran is a minor character in Horizon Zero Dawn. He is a member of the Shadow Carja cult known as the Eclipse, in charge of the Eclipse base of operations located at the Old Ones ruin known as the Ring of Metal.


Thiran became concerned about the spate of injurious and deadly accidents that had befallen his base due to improper storage of Blaze. Stray sparks and lightning strikes had repeatedly resulted in explosions that killed a combined total of a dozen cultists. To minimize the risk of such accidents, he had the base’s entire stockpile of Blaze moved to storage in a covered shelter, with a guard posted. This secured the stockpile from accidental catastrophic ignition. He transmitted this information in a message to all Eclipse commanders over the cult’s Focus network, recommending that they follow suit.[1]

His message led directly to the base’s destruction and the deaths of all his men. The base had been used by the cult to conduct its attack against the Nora tribe during the tribe’s Proving ritual. After spearheading a retaliatory strike by a Nora war party on one of the Eclipse’s Faro Plague robot recovery sites, the Nora huntress Aloy discovered a datapoint carrying Thiran’s message. The message revealed the base’s location, and the existence of the Blaze stockpile. It was an obvious strategic target; detonating it would at the very least severely damage the base and cause mass casualties among the cultists present. Aloy suggested just such an action to War-Chief Sona, who agreed. The Nora war party continued on to the base, and Aloy infiltrated it and detonated the stockpile with an arrow. The explosion ripped a wide hole in the base’s otherwise defensible wall, allowing the war party to storm the base. Every cultist, presumably Thiran included, was killed.


  1. Focus audio file heard during The War-Chief's Trail.
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