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"The lesson will be taught in due time, Aloy. Until then, we wait."
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"That makes all but one. Is the outcast coming?"
Proving Proctor

The Proving is the fifth main quest in Horizon Zero Dawn. Aloy will finally undergo the Proving to become a full member of the Nora tribe. However, the event does not go as planned, with Resh throwing additional obstacles her way and unexpected guests crashing the ceremony.


Aloy, Bast, Vala, and other Nora follow Resh to the Proving grounds. The ceremony begins with the initiates rock climbing to the starting area. Then there is a hunting test. A horde of Grazers stampede into the grounds and the initiates must kill one and collect their trophy before moving on. Aloy kills a Grazer, but Bast destroys her trophy. She falls behind the others, but kills a second Grazer and collects another trophy to move on.

The second part of the Proving is to cross the Brave Trail, a perilous mountain pathway filled with chasms and other obstacles. Aloy, having already fallen considerably behind, makes a desperate move to cross an old crumbling trail that takes a more direct path to the exit. A Proctor warns her that two died while crossing it last year, but Aloy is not deterred. The old path contains log bridges and a variety of zip lines. Aloy finds herself in first place while crossing the finish line and wins the Proving.

As a Proctor announces Aloy's victory, arrows rain from above and slay her along with a handful of other newly anointed Braves. A group of attackers in Carja clothing attack the remaining Nora. Aloy, Bast, and Vala dispatch them before more reinforcements arrive. However, a Cultist using a machine gun overwhelms Vala and Bast, killing them both. It is revealed that Aloy is one of the primary targets of the raid. While inspecting an enemy corpse, Aloy finds it to be wearing a Focus. Suddenly, she is grabbed from behind by an unmasked attacker. He tells her to turn her face to the sun before Rost appears firing arrows at him. After a struggle, Rost is stabbed by the unknown attacker but manages to crawl to an unconscious Aloy. He pushes her off the mountain to safety, while she witnesses an explosion that envelopes Rost.

Aloy manages to survive and slowly regains consciousness in Mother's Watch, surrounded by the High Matriarchs.


  1. Climb up to the Proving Grounds
  2. Kill a Grazer
  3. Loot a Second Trophy
  4. Go to the Start of the Brave Trail and race to the Proving finish line at Devil's Claw.
  5. Run the Abandoned Brave Trail
  6. Kill the Attackers so the Proving aspirants can escape.
  7. Loot the Enemy Leader. Who were these attackers? Maybe you can find a clue.



The Proving - Very Hard - No Damage - Video Guide


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