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"I've been thinking about your training, Aloy. You've learned to hunt, learned to survive. But I fear there’s a lesson I failed to teach you."

The Point of the Spear is the third main quest in Horizon Zero Dawn. After years of intense training, Aloy has grown from a child to an adult. Rost wishes to impart her with a last bit of hunting knowledge before she undergoes the Proving.


Years of training have honed Aloy into a formidable hunter. Rost tells Aloy that he wishes to take her beyond the North Gate to hunt a dangerous machine. Before they embark outside of Mother's Embrace, Aloy must craft Fire Arrows and trade with Karst for a Tripcaster. Rost also mentions that Odd Grata might be out of food and asks Aloy to check in on her if she has time.

Aloy crafts Fire Arrows using Blaze from fallen Striders and Metal Shards. Karst is a member of the Nora tribe who ignores the rules to shun outcasts. Aloy meets up with him at his home near Mother's Cradle and trades him a Scrapper Lens for a Tripcaster. After Aloy accomplishes these two tasks, she meets Rost at the North Gate where they are greeted by a gruesome post-battle scene with the corpses of Sawtooths and Nora Braves. Rost points to a lone Sawtooth still prowling about and Aloy dispatches it on her own.

Rost reveals that the real lesson of the hunt was for Aloy to place importance on the protection of the Nora tribe and their hunting lands, not purely on her own benefit.


  1. Find Rost
  2. Talk to Rost
  3. Craft Fire Arrows
  4. Talk to Karst and Trade for a Tripcaster
  5. Meet Rost at the North Gate
  6. Rest at the Campfire
  7. Follow the Path of Destruction
  8. Kill the Sawtooth
  9. Loot the Sawtooth Carcass
  10. Talk to Rost



The Point of the Spear - Very Hard - No Damage - Video guide

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