The Massacre was an infamous event that occurred prior to the events of Horizon Zero Dawn. Occurring in Meridian, it involved a number of Carja citizens, including members of the Hunters Lodge.


The Massacre

During the Mad Sun-King Jiran's reign, countless people were sacrificed and butchered in the Sun-Ring in massacre events. One such event, referred to simply as "The Massacre" by Hunters Lodge members, involved the slaughter of thousands of innocent people, both loyal followers and dissenters alike, by machines in the Sun-Ring at Meridian. A number of Hawks of the Hunters Lodge spoke out against the butchery, with Jiran having them thrown into the Ring alongside the condemned people. The remaining members of the Hunters Lodge were forced to watch their comrades fight for their lives.

Those that were unarmed and untrained in fighting machines fell quickly. However, fighting against familiar foes, the Hawks faced numerous waves of machines, with the men taking turns to allow others to rest. Before long, the crowd changed their tune, with some leaving but many rallying behind the hunters. At nightfall, a Behemoth was introduced into the Ring, relentlessly and indiscriminately attacking anything and anyone that stood in its way, charging into the stands and killing spectators and fighters alike. Several Hawks that were among the crowd, having smuggled in their weapons, joined the fight to protect the condemned, including Talanah's brother and father, Brativin and Talavad. Talavad managed to climb atop the Behemoth, driving his spear into the machine to finish it. However, a second Behemoth was introduced, knocking Talavad to his death. The remaining Hawks grouped together to take down the second Behemoth, laying down their lives to protect those still in the stands.

A memorial to those who died in the Massacre, erected at the Hunters Lodge by Sunhawk Talanah.


Afterwards, as the new Sunhawk, Ahsis forbid anyone in the Lodge from talking about the Massacre. On top of this, no memorial or honoring of the fallen Hawks was allowed, earning him Talanah's hatred.

It was only once Talanah became Sunhawk that the fallen Lodge members were officially honored.


Six members of the Hunters Lodge died in the Massacre:

  • Hawk Brativin Khane Padish
  • Hawk Gravid Khane Morza
  • Hawk Khulasiv Khane Sovaliy
  • Hawk Sirav Khane Pir
  • Hawk Yusalin Khane Jageer
  • Sunhawk Talavad Khane Padish
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