The Longroam is the region to the north of the Nora Sacred Lands in Horizon Zero Dawn. It is a very mountainous region, with high peaks surrounding three valleys, one of which contains the Banuk Encampment.


The Longroam is bordered by Dawn's Sentinel in the west and the Cut in the north. There is no clear border between the Longroam and the Sacred Lands, although Devil's Grief in the east is considered part of the latter.

The southern and southwestern geography is similar to that of the Sacred Lands: a taiga biome with some vegetation, surrounded by frost-covered mountains. However, it hosts a wider array of dangerous machines. The northern Longroam is far colder, comprised largely of permafrost.

The Longroam is one of the few places with no tribal affiliation.


Banuk Artifacts


  • The Longroam has a significant amount of Glinthawks compared to other regions.
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