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The Jewel is the southern region of the Carja Sundom in Horizon Zero Dawn.


The Jewel is a large, lush jungle located south of Meridian and west of the Spurflints. It is comprised of two plateaus, one of which contains Brightmarket. It is surrounded by a cliff wall in the south, likely separating the Sundom from Tenakth territory.


The Jewel was one of the many obstacles which Araman's followers endured before becoming the Carja.[1]

During the reign of Sun-King Amavad, a portion of the Jewel was converted into the Royal Maizelands, providing a consistent food supply for the tribe. Some of the Jewel was also converted into lavish Estates for Carja nobles.[2]


During the Derangement, the region experienced a dramatic increase in dangerous machines, particularly Stalkers. As the Derangment progressed, the Carja military focused their efforts on protecting settlements, leaving those living within the jungle to fend for themselves. Most of the nobles living in the Jewel abandoned their homes, opting to live in the safety of settlements.

The untamed nature of the region allowed the Eclipse to set up a base and mining operations while remaining undetected by the Sun Carja.


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  • The Jewel contains points that correspond to real world locations in the states of Utah and Arizona:
  • The Jewel extends beyond the known map.[4]