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"The lesson will be taught in due time, Aloy. Until then, we wait."
This article contains heavy spoilers, and may reveal plot or quest information.

"A battle… frozen in ice, and time."

The Grave-Hoard is the fifteenth main quest in Horizon Zero Dawn.


Still no closer to understanding her connection to Elisabet Sobeck nor why the Eclipse specifically targeted her at the Proving, Aloy travels to the Grave-Hoard, the ruins of U.S. Robot Command in the eastern mountains to find more answers.

As Aloy nears the ruins, she sees a number of Eclipse agents and Corrupted machines. Killing them and descending into the bunker, the first room reveals that it was a site where the Old Ones faced off against hordes of Faro robots. Logs from the soldiers preserved as datapoints detail a number of battles that the Old Ones fought against the robots as well as the increasing hopelessness of the situation. Restoring power to a bunker door, Aloy continues deeper into the ruins. After taking out a room of machines and cultists, Aloy finds a room that shows her a map of the Earth, demonstrating the progression of the robots. Making her way outside, she finds the cultists tinkering with the skeleton of a Metal Devil, causing a Deathbringer to be released from the machine and brought to life.

Upon defeating the enemies, Aloy enters another room to find that Project Zero Dawn was successfully completed but only through the aid of a simultaneous war plan, Operation: Enduring Victory, which bought time for Zero Dawn to be finalized.

Upon climbing back to the surface via an elevator shaft, Aloy concludes that she needs to find the Orbital Launch Base that the Old Ones mentioned in the datapoint. Sylens informs her that it lies in ruins beneath the Citadel, the palace at the Shadow Carja capital, Sunfall. Understanding that it will be too dangerous to enter the city as any Eclipse agents wearing Focuses will be able to identify her, Aloy suggests crashing the network to disable their communications with each other and HADES. Through Sylens' instructions, Aloy makes her way back to the Sundom.


  1. Go to The Grave-Hoard
  2. Explore the Grave-Hoard
  3. Examine the Door
  4. Restore Power to the Ancient Door so you can go deeper in to the Grave-Hoard.
  5. Continue exploring the Grave-Hoard
  6. Kill the Eclipse in the Armory
  7. Continue exploring the Grave-Hoard
  8. Use the Console
  9. Continue exploring the Grave-Hoard
  10. Kill the Deathbringer and the Eclipse troops
  11. Search the War Room for information about Project: Zero Dawn, Elisabet Sobeck's plan to defeat the robot plague.
  12. Climb up the Escape Elevator



The Grave-Hoard - Very Hard - No Damage - Video Guide


The following datapoints can be found inside the ruins during this quest. The player can return at any time if they are missed.

Audio Datapoints

Text Datapoints - Quests


  • A power cell can be found here after restoring power to a locked bunker door.
  • A stranded necklace can be found inside the entrance, to the left of the Operation Enduring Victory sign on a dead soldier
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