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"The lesson will be taught in due time, Aloy. Until then, we wait."
This article contains heavy spoilers, and may reveal plot or quest information.

"This is Ersa's helmet. I thought she died in the field below, but it must have been here."

The Field of the Fallen is the eleventh main quest in Horizon Zero Dawn.


After witnessing the power of Aloy's Focus while exploring Olin's Apartment during The City of the Sun, Erend asks her to help him uncover the identity of the Shadow Carja soldier responsible for killing his sister Ersa. Aloy agrees to meet Erend in Red Ridge Pass.

Approaching the pass, Aloy sees Erend fighting off a hoard of Watchers and Lancehorns. After helping him dispatch the machines, the two have a discussion about the circumstances of Ersa's murder. Erend explains that his sister left in the middle of the night with a few of the best men from her Vanguard. The next day, a search party discovered their bodies along with the corpses of a few Shadow Carja. Erend says that Ersa was so badly beaten that her face was unrecognizable.

Aloy follows Erend to the battlefield so she can scan the area using her Focus. As she investigates, she discovers several strange clues that lead her to believe no combat occurred there, indicating the scene may have been staged. Aloy discovers cart tracks and leads Erend to the nearby ruin site Dimmed Bones, where they are surprised to be ambushed by a group of Oseram mercenaries.

After defeating the ambush, Erend realized that members of their own tribe, not the Shadow Carja, are to blame. Aloy again uses her Focus to investigate the area. She discovers evidence, including a tripod that was used to mount some kind of weapon and a nearby used power cell, that Ersa and her men were ambushed at the ruins. Aloy suggests that the Oseram may have taken Ersa hostage and slipped another body into her armor to trick the Carja. Erend agrees to return to Meridian to re-examine the body and Aloy says that she will meet him there.


  1. Meet Erend in Red Ridge Pass
  2. Kill the Machines
  3. Talk to Erend
  4. Follow Erend to the place where his sister was killed.
  5. Investigate the Battlefield to find a lead about Ersa's killers.
    1. Examine the Helmet
    2. Examine the Bloodstains
    3. Examine the Thicket
    4. Examine the Arrows
    5. Examine the Spear
  6. Follow the Cart Tracks
  7. Kill the Attackers
  8. Kill the Machines
  9. Investigate the Ambush Site to find out what really happened to Ersa.
    1. Examine the Bits of Leather
    2. Examine the Bloodstains
    3. Examine the Rocks
    4. Examine the Tripod
    5. Examine the Weapons
  10. Talk to Erend



The Field of the Fallen - Very Hard - No Damage - Video Guide

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