"The stories say The Claws Beneath returns here only once every six winters."

The Claws Beneath is an errand in Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds.


After completing For the Werak, Aloy will begin to overhear rumors that a revered Banuk hunter, Umnak, has surfaced in the Cut in pursuit of a feared machine known only as "The Claws Beneath." Aloy can find Umnak in Longnotch, where he will call out to her and indicate that he has need of her well-known hunting skill.

Initiating this errand can be done by talking to Umnak before or after the target machine is killed. If the latter is done, starting the errand will also instantly mark it as done.

Umnak will explain that the Claws Beneath is a Daemonic Rockbreaker that makes it's home by the northeastern-most Control Tower, in an isolated clearing. Aloy must venture to this area by climbing through a narrow passage and defeat the machine.


  1. Find the Claws Beneath
  2. Kill the Claws Beneath
  3. Return to Umnak



The Claws Beneath - Ultra Hard - No Damage - Video Guide


  • The errand's target is the only Rockbreaker found in The Cut, and the only Daemonic one thus far.
  • Although Unmak claimed he had hunted the same machine years before, Daemonic Machines are considered a recent phenomenon. This may imply that HEPHAESTUS is capable of turning non-Daemonic machines, or had created at least one before the Thunder's Drum incident.
  • The Claws Beneath can be compared to Redmaw, both being individual machines known to be especially deadly among their kind, felling many hunters.
  • The insulated weave special modification is stashed in a box near the Control Tower.
  • After The Claws Beneath is defeated, its site will become a Fireclaw site. Only one unit is stationed there.


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