The Claim is the name for the Oseram tribal territory in Horizon Zero Dawn. The Claim is situated north of the Carja Sundom and west of the Banuk land of Ban-Ur. The land around Oseram settlements is often barren due to their constant need for timber. It is also a very mountainous region.

Oseram settlements are independent political entities with clearly defined territorial holdings. As such, the Oseram are a tribe of loosely-confederated clans. The Oseram tribal capital is Mainspring.


  • The gate leading to the Claim is in a mountain pass northeast of Pitchcliff.
  • According to Ben McCaw, the lead writer for Guerrilla Games, a planned quest would take Aloy into the Claim. This quest was cut from the final game.[1]
  • The Oseram homeland possibly corresponds to the state of Idaho and the Canadian province of British Columbia.


"It is a muted land, where fire-smoke hangs heavy in the air among the tall, thin trees. Where the ground has not been dug up in the Oseram's ceaseless search for metal, it is cased in frost, and beneath the frost, yet more frost, before stony soil."
The Claim



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