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"The strong take from the weak, and in the taking, are made stronger."

The Tenakth are a human tribe in Horizon Zero Dawn. They control territory located south of the Sundom, but they are also known to be the ruling power of the Forbidden West.[1][2] Not much is known about them, and contact with the Tenakth is rare. The Tenakth are described as raiders and reavers by the Carja, and they have a reputation for being bloodthirsty and aggressive.


Very little is known about the Tenakth tribe, even by in-game scholars. The Tenakth once attacked the Sundom during the reign of the 9th Sun-King Ranan, who personally led his armies against them.[3] The Carja were successful in defeating the Tenakth horde, although the Tenakth managed to horribly and permanently disfigure Ranan.

During the Red Raids, the Tenakth fought back against invading Carja troops in the Forbidden West. Warring clans set aside their differences and allied together to repel the Carja, leading to at least one decisive victory for the Tenakth.

Only one named member of their tribe is seen in the game: Ullia, who joins a bandit camp after escaping the Sunstone Rock prison.

Although much is still unknown, a gameplay preview of Forbidden West shows that there is a rebel faction of the Tenakth.

Months later, a group of rebel Tenakth, called the Regalla, have acquired the ability to override machines. The machines they have overridden so far are the Clawstrider, the Bristleback, and the Tremortusk.

Culture and Society

Tenakth society is evidently divided into three clans (referred to as the Sky Tenakth, Lowland Tenakth, and Desert Tenakth), as well as fourth rebel faction known as the Regalla, with their territory collectively being known as clan-lands. This region is locked in perpetual war between Tenakth factions.[2][4]

The Tenakth (according to Ullia) believe that the strong take from the weak, and in the taking, are made stronger. Thus, they seem to favor strength above all else, though they demonstrate this through violent means. They are known for being brutal and aggressive, often taking what they need or want by conquest rather than trading for it. Their methods of acquiring food and resources is unknown, though raiding is presumably a common practice. Based on the conversation with Ullia, the Tenakth are implied to kidnap children to add to their tribe.

Rumors also circulate amongst other tribes that the Tenakth are cannibals (though this trait was incorrectly attributed to the Nora at some point).[5] However, the rumors are not entirely unfounded; the Tenakth believe that their stories and achievements in life will live on after death if their blood is drunk by another.

Concept art shows their clothing – notably skirts made of strips of dyed cloth, large collars, and armbands made of feathers, along with armor made of machine parts. Men have completely shaved heads, while women have one single long braid. Tenakth are notable for painting most of their upper body and head in blue paint with red and white accents.

Members of the Regalla wear red and green full body armor that corresponds to each type of Tenakth warrior.

Known Members

Known Settlements


  • A couple of Tenakth can be found in Sunfall. However, like the settlement's Utaru visitors, they cannot be interacted with.
  • The Tenakth are the only tribe whose homeland is not explicitly named.
  • The Regalla Faction of the Tenakth have been shown to dislike the Oseram tribe.



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