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Tatai is a minor character in Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds.


Tatai was previously a member of a werak in Ban-Ur, but she fled alongside Urkai and Tulemak after a dispute with the chieftain, Onnekut. Led by an egotistical and power-hungry chieftain, the werak had become divided into those willing to follow him with false support and those who refused to submit to his leadership. Of those who opposed him, Tatai called for a new chieftain and her mentor, Nukoni, challenged Onnekut for control of the werak. Despite Nukoni's superior hunting skills, Onnekut returned as the victor. Suspicious of the circumstances, Tatai, Urkai and Tulemak investigated only to find that Nukoni was murdered. It is strongly implied that Onnekut was responsible.

Gathering their belongings, they left the werak and Ban-Ur for the Cut where they encountered Burgrend. Burgrend agreed to stock them with supplies for their journey to the Sundom, however, only with Aloy's assistance in scavenging the required machine parts were they able to repay him.

Upon agreeing on a name for their werak, dependent on Aloy's response to a flashpoint, Tatai headed for the Sundom to meet with Ohtur and learn how to harvest machines.


Tatai is hot-headed and sharp-tongued. She is abrasive to Aloy and resistant to her assistance, although she does come to accept the Nora's help. Of the three hunters, Tatai seems to be the most affected by Nukoni's death, admitting that the memory of finding her dead body is sometimes all she can think of.

Tatai and Urkai have the tendency to squabble with one another.

Associated Quests


  • While searching for a name for their new werak, Tatai unsuccessfully recommends "The Bloody Snowdrifts."
  • In combat, Tatai uses Shock Arrows. While this largely ineffective given the Daemonic enemies during the quest, she can still set off the power cells on the Longlegs and Scrappers.


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