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Talvo is a character in the Horizon Zero Dawn comic series. He is a young villager from the Carja settlement of Rising Light, and a frequent scavenger of machine components.


During his childhood, Talvo became experienced with looting machines after hunters had killed them, learning to flee quickly after harvesting his spoils to avoid other hunters or machines.

When the hunter Kyran led a party in pursuit of a Clawstrider, Talvo looted the Grazers they left behind in the forest near Rising Light. Talanah, who had been watching from nearby, revealed herself and attempted to warn him of the danger involved in scavenging, but Talvo was undeterred, assuring her that he had ample experience. When Talanah persisted, Talvo told her to worry about herself, as "the man in the woods", a figure of local legend, disliked strangers. Just then, the screech of an approaching Clawstrider interrupted their conversation.

Talanah attempted to shield Talvo behind her and hold off the machine with her bow, but Talvo was preoccupied with retrieving the looted Machine Core he had dropped. Just as the black-armored Clawstrider began to charge, a smoke bomb landed in front of the duo, confusing the machine. Although Talvo initially asked if Talanah had thrown the bomb herself, Amadis quickly appeared from the smoke and revealed himself as the one responsible. While Talanah hesitated to retreat, Talvo quickly began to make for higher ground, urging her to follow.

After the group made their escape, Talvo was shocked to realize that Amadis was "the man in the woods". Amadis confirmed his identity and instructed the child to return home and keep their encounter a secret, to which Talvo quickly agreed.


  • Talvo is the only known male Carja whose name ends in a vowel sound, with the possible exception of Janeva.
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