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The Tallneck is an activity that involves Aloy climbing Tallneck machines to override them using her spear. Overriding each Tallneck reveals a portion of the map and rewards experience and skill points.


The Tallnecks serve as communication towers for other machines. Within the main game, there are a total of five active Tallnecks, each providing valuable information for Aloy.

Tallnecks walk in a small circle within a certain region, impervious to anything in its path. The antennae on a Tallneck's back, as well as additional scaffolding on its head, can be used by Aloy to climb up to the top of its head. However, in order to reach these climb holds, Aloy must jump from a high enough spot to grab them. These areas are often surrounded by hostile machines, making such a feat difficult.

Once Aloy reaches its head, she can override the machine. Upon doing so, Aloy unlocks a part of the game's map, as well as the locations of local herds. Aloy can then rappel down from the Tallneck's head. As she descends, the Tallneck emits an electric field, briefly stunning any machines nearby.


There is one Tallneck found in the Cut, located near the Frostfigures. This Tallneck provides a unique challenge: it has been dormant and frozen in ice for decades. First, Aloy must fight off the scavengers attempting to tear down the machine. Next, she needs to locate three missing pieces nearby. Finally, she must repair the Tallneck using the parts taken by the scavengers and reactivate it. Once this is complete, can climb the machine and override it like she would for any other Tallneck.


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