"The lesson will be taught in due time, Aloy. Until then, we wait."
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Sylens' Lance is an upgraded melee weapon, capable of dealing Shock damage in addition to impact damage.


The Lance was built by Sylens, possibly one of several copies. When storming Sunfall to rescue Aloy, Sylens carried an identical lance mounted with a Machine Lure, which he seemingly left behind in his escape.

After Aloy acquired the Master Override from inside GAIA Prime, Sylens instructed her to take his lance and fit the Master Override on it so she could purge HADES. Aloy eventually carried this plan out successfully, stabbing the Lance through the Horus Quantum Processing Module which contained HADES during the Battle of the Alight. The attached Master Override allowed Aloy to purge the rogue AI, ending the conflict. In the aftermath of the battle, Aloy left the Lance inside the dormant machine.

Some time later, HADES was suddenly reactivated and transferred over a great distance, from the Quantum Processing Module into a lantern-like device held by Sylens. Although the exact mechanism of this transfer is unknown, it may have been a secret feature of the Lance.

Sylens has since been shown carrying an identical lance; it is unclear whether he retrieved the Lance from the Alight, or simply constructed another.


The Lance is acquired at the conclusion of The Mountain That Fell. The Lance will then be permanently equipped as Aloy's default melee weapon, replacing the obsolete Spear that preceded it.


The Lance inflicts Shock damage in addition to Impact and Tear, which also comes with a slight severity that could inflict Shocked status.

The numbered damage value displayed below is arranged from left to right in parallel to easiest to hardest difficulty. Tear and Elemental damage remains the same between Easy and Very Hard. The chart is representative of unmodded damage.

Numbers displayed in Bold are applied on Normal difficulty.

Variant DamageDamage-Icon.png TearTear-Icon.png ShockShock-Icon.png
Normal 180-56-45-41-36-32 102-51-26 50-25-13
Upgraded 200-63-50-45-40-35 102-51-26 50-25-13


Damage Upgrade

Completing the side quest In Her Mother's Footsteps will reward a boost in spear damage. This boost can only be applied once. Completing quest in multiple playthroughs will not result in multiple bonuses. This damage bonus will be carried over to Sylens' Lance if 'In Her Mothers Footsteps' is completed before acquiring Sylens' Lance.


Upon completion of the Frozen Wilds errand, A Secret Shared, it can be enhanced with up to two modifications slots as opposed to the Spear's single slot limit. Should Aloy acquire the Lance later, the slots will be automatically available. 


Aloy carries a similar lance in Horizon Zero Dawn #1

  • Sylens' Lance is the only weapon of Aloy's that is capable of inflicting Impact, Tear and Elemental damage on the same hit.
  • The Lance charges up with arcing electricity when used to execute Heavy attacks.
  • In the Horizon Zero Dawn comic series, Aloy is seemingly shown carrying the Lance after the Battle of the Alight. This may be an error, since Aloy departed Meridian immediately after the battle, and the Lance was still present at the Spire some time afterwards.


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