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"The lesson will be taught in due time, Aloy. Until then, we wait."
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"There's so much more to discover before the world ends."

Sylens is the deuteragonist of Horizon Zero Dawn and a returning character in Horizon Forbidden West. He is a wandering traveler, archaeologist and researcher, and the founder of the Eclipse and the Sons of Prometheus. He has a deep fascination with the history and technology of the Old Ones, and allies with Aloy to discover the truth behind the machines and the fate of the Old Ones.



"Hmm. I've heard that name once or twice. But always whispered, like some boogeyman the Banuk want to forget."

Sylens’ past is shrouded in mystery and stained with treachery. All that is certain is that at an early age, he became fascinated with the Old Ones, and dedicated his life to uncovering their secrets, especially what happened to them.

In his early adulthood, he came to Ban-Ur alleging to be the shaman of a remote werak known as Owl's Watch. With his unrivaled knowledge of machines, he quickly gained the trust of the Conclave, who gave him knowledge of Malmstrom, their most sacred meeting place. Sylens was last seen by the Conclave at Malmstrom during their customary meeting at high winter. When the Conclave returned for their next meeting, they found the caves looted and Sylens missing. None of the trackers sent after him returned, and the people in Owl's Watch who claimed him as their shaman had vanished, leaving no trace of Sylens's existence. Deeming his actions a sacrilege, and doubtful that he was even Banuk to begin with, the Conclave declared an oath of secrecy surrounding any matters regarding Sylens.

Sylens was the first to explore the GAIA Prime ruins following its self-destruction, although he was unable to venture far into the facility without the required clearance and settled for establishing a workshop at the ruin's edge.

Discovering HADES[]

A defining moment came when he discovered a heavily damaged Focus in an ancient ruin.[1] After spending weeks repairing it, Sylens detected a faint signal. Curious, Sylens followed the signal to the jungles of the Jewel, where he found a buried and shattered Titan containing the corrupted AI HADES.

Sylens repaired HADES to the point where it could speak, and thus a deal was struck between him and HADES: Sylens would serve HADES and teach it everything he knew about the new world (particularly regarding the Spire) and in exchange, Sylens learned about numerous academic fields, including physics, calculus, and computer science.

Creating the Eclipse[]

The Liberation and subsequent Carja Civil War was a welcome opportunity for Sylens; he arranged a meeting with High Priest Bahavas and the Kestrel Helis, the leaders of the Shadow Carja. Presenting HADES as the Buried Shadow of Carja lore, Sylens manipulated the Shadow Carja into creating the Eclipse, a cult to serve HADES and take back Meridian. On HADES's orders, Sylens found and repaired dozens of Focuses for the Eclipse army, and began creating a Focus network built to the AI's specifications.

While Sylens never trusted HADES, he did not question its motives until it began reviving ancient robots. Wary of its intentions, Sylens created a backdoor in the Focus network which allowed him to listen to all communications.

After Sylens completed the Focus Network, HADES decided that Sylens had outlived his usefulness and ordered his death. However, Sylens managed to escape, having overheard the kill order through the backdoor. Now a fugitive of the cult he helped create, Sylens was forced to go into hiding and monitor the Eclipse in the shadows.

Allying with Aloy[]

One night, Sylens noticed something peculiar on the Focus network: HADES issuing a kill order against a Nora girl named Aloy. Sylens was initially perplexed as to why HADES deemed a Nora savage a threat, but then noticed Aloy's Focus, as well as her uncanny resemblance to Dr. Elisabet Sobeck, a renowned scientist from the Old World. Upon confirming that Aloy survived the Proving Massacre, Sylens began observing her through her Focus. The longer he watched, the more he realized that Aloy was the key to finally learning the secrets of the Old Ones.

He made his first introduction to Aloy by contacting her Focus, but did not reveal his name, and helped her to disable Eclipse Focuses as she tried to confront Olin. Sylens contacted her again when she was directed to the ruins of the corporate headquarters of Faro Automated Solutions, providing her with a supply crate and some datapoints to help her better understand the building. Through Aloy, Sylens learned about the Faro Plague, confirming his suspicions that Faro robots destroyed the Old Ones' civilization; and Project Zero Dawn, the countermeasure created by Sobeck. When Aloy voiced her frustration about not finding the answers she wanted, Sylens scolded her for whining when she had discovered more in minutes than he had in decades of searching. He made a proper introduction via hologram and helped redirect Aloy, arguing that her own mystery was part of a larger web of secrets, all tied to Aloy's connection with Sobeck. The two quickly agreed that investigating Project Zero Dawn would provide both of them with the answers they wanted, and after answering Aloy's questions (albeit reluctantly), Sylens pointed her to Sobeck's last known location: the headquarters of U.S. Robot Command, now a ruin site known as the Grave-Hoard.

Within the Grave-Hoard, Aloy uncovered the location of the Zero Dawn Project Facility. Checking his data, Sylens confirmed that the facility was directly underneath the Citadel at Sunfall. The number of Eclipse agents with Focuses at the Citadel would make HADES finding Aloy almost certain, at which point the Eclipse and entire Shadow Carja military would be sent after her. At Aloy's suggestion, Sylens pointed the Nora Brave to a weak point in the Focus network which would allow her to crash it, slowing down the Eclipse dramatically. Once Aloy arrived, Sylens gave her the specifics of the task, including that the weak point was inside the Eclipse's base. Aloy quickly deduced Sylens had been part of the Eclipse. Sylens admitted to "assisting" the Eclipse, but refused to elaborate further. After Aloy destroyed the device powering the network, she confronted Sylens over leaving out that HADES would be present at the Eclipse base.

Sylens meeting Aloy

Sylens speaks with Aloy after saving her from the Sun-Ring

In the Zero Dawn facility, Aloy and Sylens learned of the project and its goal of recreating the world after the Faro Plague. Eventually, Aloy arrived at Elisabet's office and downloaded the Alpha Registry needed to enter the facility in All-Mother. However, the Eclipse entered the facility and Aloy was captured by their leader, Helis.

Knowing that he would never learn the secrets of the mountain without her, Sylens decided to rescue Aloy. To that end, he overrode two Striders and three Ravagers and stormed the Sun-Ring, having anticipated that Helis would sacrifice Aloy in the Sun-Ring at high noon. Sylens escaped with Aloy on the Striders while the Ravagers engaged a pair of Corruptors that Helis ordered to kill the Nora Brave. In the process, Helis called Sylens a traitor, revealing his connection to the Eclipse. Once they were at a safe distance from Sunfall, Sylens provided Aloy with a new Focus to replace the one Helis destroyed, complete with copies of every datafile she scanned, including the Alpha Registry. Aloy then informed him that Helis had dispatched messengers to the Eclipse in the Sacred Land to massacre the tribe and asked for his help in stopping it. Sylens refused, having other matters to attend to. He then provided Aloy with a set of Shadow Carja armor to conceal her identity should she ever return to Sunfall. Before departing, Sylens apologized for being needlessly cruel regarding her origins.

Later, after Aloy fended off the Eclipse attack on the Nora, she finally gained access to the mountain, whereupon she discovered a message from GAIA, revealing that before her birth, an unknown data transmission turned GAIA's Subordinate Functions, including HADES, into self-aware entities and that she had to destroy herself to prevent HADES from wiping out all life. Furthermore, Aloy was revealed to be a clone of Elisabet Sobeck for the sole purpose of rebuilding GAIA and was instructed to find the Master Override in the ruins of GAIA Prime to purge HADES. While Sylens was amazed that the red-haired Nora was more important than he realized, Aloy was horrified by the revelation that she wasn't a real person. Sylens admonished her for wallowing in self-pity and told her to fulfill her destiny, instructing her to meet him at the Bitter Climb.

Sylens appeared again in the ruins of the GAIA Prime facility, revealing that he had been attempting to enter the facility for years but was never able to crack the door. Aloy is able to enter, however, and learns of Elisabet's sacrifice to save GAIA Prime from premature destruction as well as Ted Faro's destruction of the APOLLO project and his murder of the Zero Dawn staff. Upon learning of Faro's actions, Sylens expressed his contempt and lamented the waste of unfathomable ancient knowledge, as well as disgust at Faro's naive belief he was sparing future generations, retorting that Faro never saw the barbarity in the Sun-Ring. Sylens appeared in person as Aloy left the facility, revealing his past connections to HADES and the Eclipse. He specifically related HADES' inquiries regarding the Spire, which led Aloy to deduce that HADES intended to use it, in order to reawaken the Faro Plague to destroy all life on Earth. He wished Aloy good luck and departed after giving her a lance that would serve as a means of injecting the Master Override into HADES.

However, this apparent act of generosity was a calculated deception: Sylens knew HADES was the only source of answers as to the origins of the signal that awakened it, and needed it intact. Thus, he rigged the lance to secretly shelter HADES from the Master Override. Sometime after the Battle of the Alight, the lance transmitted HADES to Sylens, who captured it in a mysterious lantern-like device. With HADES as his prisoner, Sylens began his next steps of investigation.

Forbidden West[]

"Hello, old friend. Remember me?
We've still so much to discuss, so much you never revealed.
Your Masters, for example. The ones who sent the signal that woke you.
Knowledge has its rewards, don't you think?
Well.. let's begin.
―Sylens (to HADES)

Sylens installed the subordinate function in the detached processing orb of the derelict Horus in No Man's Land, and interrogated it over the course of two weeks. Torturing HADES into submission (using holograms of living organisms), Sylens learned greater details about GAIA's inner workings, such as her heuristic matrix; LATOPOLIS, the only Zero Dawn facility to still house intact GAIA backups; and the origin of the Signal: the rogue AI Nemesis, a failed experiment of the Far Zenith colony within the Sirius system, activated HADES to destroy Earth as part of its agenda against its creators. The torture used in the interrogation came at great cost to HADES, by the time Sylens was finished, the subordinate function was left as essentially a shattered husk.

Sylens concluded that Earth and its inhabitants stood no chance against Nemesis, and Far Zenith possessed the only technology capable of saving himself. Over the following months, the wandering sage masterminded a plan that would allow him access to their base, their spaceship, and their copy of APOLLO.


Sylens needed an army. He began working with Asera, a former ally of the warlord Dervahl hungry for revenge against the Carja. Buying Asera's cooperation with the secret of overriding machines, Sylens had her form the Sons of Prometheus and create an alliance with Regalla, helping the disgraced Tenakth Marshal form an army that could overthrow the tribe's Chief Hekarro; he dismissed the idea of reaching out to Hekarro, knowing that even if he gained his ear, he would never lead his people against an enemy he couldn't understand. Once this step was complete, Regalla would lead the entire Tenakth tribe, the Sons of Prometheus and an army of machines, powerful enough to raze Meridian and decimate the Carja: in exchange for this opportunity, Regalla would lead an assault on the Zenith base before invading the Sundom.

Sylens knew that such an invasion would never come: he fully predicted that Regalla's forces and the Zenith would slaughter each other while he snuck into the base, where he would steal the Zenith's spaceship and their copy of APOLLO. In the meantime, Sylens used data extracted from HADES to develop a weapon that could disable the energy shields used by Far Zenith, refining its design over months. Having learned from his time with the Eclipse, Sylens never interacted directly with Regalla or the Tenakth, instead using the Sons of Prometheus as proxies and speaking through Asera.

The final element to consider was Aloy, whom he knew would never approve of such a Machiavellian plot. Sylens correctly deduced that Far Zenith was searching for a copy of the terraforming system to take with them before escaping Earth, and that they would need a clone of Elisabet Sobeck to obtain it. Therefore, Sylens planned to have Aloy captured by Far Zenith, believing that it would simultaneously keep her safe and prevent her from interfering (this was the first flaw in his plan, as he had no way of knowing that Far Zenith had their own clone of Elisabet Sobeck). Using an overridden Plowhorn, Sylens moved HADES to the entrance of LATOPOLIS for Aloy to find, and waited for her to uncover his deception. Once she recovered an intact backup, he would send an anonymous data pulse, pinpointing the location to any party seeking to rebuild GAIA.

Aloy and LATOPOLIS[]

Aloy would discover Sylens's deception roughly six months after the Battle of the Alight. Self-righteously dismissing her fury at his lies, Sylens provided her with coordinates of HADES' interrogation site and invited her to join him in the Forbidden West.

After Aloy reached LATOPOLIS and destroyed HADES for good, Sylens revealed himself again and directed her to the facility. Naturally, the huntress was annoyed at his lack of physical presence and more so that he using the same spyware on her Focus, and threatened to kill him if attempted any other deception. As Aloy used her gene print to open the hatch, she found that the inner hatch was blocked by Firegleam, so he taught her how to craft an Igniter for her spear.

Once Aloy reached the center of the vault, to their collective relief, she found two GAIA backups. Unfortunately, they were merely root kernels, devoid of sub-functions. Sylens assured her that she had done everything she could and suggested that she couldn't save the world on her own, sending out the anonymous pulse to alert Far Zenith. However, Aloy quickly adapted, improvising a plan to rebuild GAIA using the original sub-functions.

Seconds after she located MINERVA in the mountains west of Plainsong, an intruder alarm went off, prompting Sylens to confess. Without revealing who the intruders were, Sylens told her they had similar goals in mind and advised her to open the hatch. Instead, Aloy snapped, swearing to Sylens that after she rebuilt GAIA, she would track him down and kill him. Before Sylens could convince her otherwise, Aloy destroyed her Focus and equipped a new one free of his spyware, cutting off communication between the two.

What unfolded in LATOPOLIS proved to be the first hitch in Sylens' intricately laid plans: rather than capture Aloy, Far Zenith saw her as an unnecessary complication and tried to kill her, with Aloy barely escaping with her life.

Working from the shadows[]

Sylens deduced that Aloy had escaped after Tenakth rebel camps began to fall. He proceeded to appear before her via hologram once more when he detected her in possession of a Sons of Prometheus operative's Focus. He warned against interfering with rebel operations but she instead vowed to put an end to yet another tribal civil war he helped start. Disappointed by her self-righteousness, he cautioned that the Sons of Prometheus would seek vengeance for her interference and he couldn't protect her anymore. Subtly hinting that he knew more than she did, he then self-destructed the Focus she was holding, cutting off their communication.

Not bothering to regain contact, Sylens continued development on the anti-Zenith weapon. To test out its functionality, he had the Sons of Prometheus ambush a Zenith, Verbena, and use the weapon. The test was successful, allowing a Tenakth rebel to kill the Zenith. The two Oseram who fired the weapon were killed in the confrontation, but the Focus one of them was wearing sent data back to Sylens so he could perfect his weapon. Aloy happened to witness the confrontation and recovered the weapon's core, though GAIA determined its data had been wiped clean, leading her to suspect Sylens' involvement.

While Sylens himself was careful not to let himself be tracked by others, the Sons of Prometheus were more careless. The Zenith Tilda van der Meer used spyware to hack the Sons' Focuses, allowing her to learn Sylens' plans.

Changing plans[]

Eventually, Aloy learned the truth of Sylens' scheming from Tilda. Refusing to allow Sylens to sacrifice the Tenakth, Aloy defeated Regalla in combat and ended her rebellion, dismantling Sylens' plan. With no other options, Sylens sent a messenger with a Focus so he and Aloy could communicate once more. Sylens initially chided her, believing her choice was out of naivety and had effectively ruined any chance of stopping the Zeniths. To his surprise and intrigue, Aloy claimed to have a better plan, and she demanded he join her at her base, along with his weapon.

Sylens reluctantly ventured to Aloy's base, knowing that her plan was now his only chance of obtaining APOLLO and escaping Earth, and waited for Aloy in her private room for their first face-to-face meeting since GAIA Prime. Sylens was warned by Aloy in no uncertain terms that she would kill him should he ever betray her again, before introducing Tilda and explaining her own plan for assaulting the Zenith base. Tensions between Tilda and Sylens immediately manifested, as Sylens was suspicious of her true motivations and warned Aloy not to trust the rogue Far Zenith.

Sylens would await the assault inside the base's laboratory, while answering any questions Aloy had about his plan and connections to Regalla. Once the assault began, Sylens used a modified version of his weapon to permanently disable all of Far Zenith's shields, rendering them vulnerable. While Aloy and Tilda moved further into the facility, Sylens fought alongside Erend and Zo against the Zenith's army of Specters.


Sylens talking to Aloy after after the fight with Tilda.

Sylens reached Aloy's location soon after her battle with Tilda ended. He quickly deduced that Tilda had tried to force Aloy aboard the Odyssey, and that Aloy now knew about Nemesis. When pressed by Aloy, he admitted that he had known about Nemesis all along through HADES, and that knowledge had guided his plans ever since. He politely invited Aloy to join him aboard the Odyssey with GAIA as a gesture of thanks, arguing that the primitive peoples of Earth would stand no chance against the enemy that decimated the Zeniths in mere hours and that Elisabet would have done the same. Instead, Aloy solemnly bade him farewell and returned to her companions.

While Sylens initially moved towards the shuttle leading to the Odyssey, he seemed to have a change of heart (although this could be a mislead) upon seeing Aloy surrounded by her friends. Joining the group, he chose to stay on Earth for a while longer and lend his help in the fight against Nemesis, which earned him a grateful smile from Aloy.

Preparing for Nemesis[]

Following the battle with the Zeniths, Sylens returned to Aloy's base to continue to make preparations.

Burning Shores[]

After GAIA finished clearing APOLLO of corrupted code and subsequently gave him access to it, Sylens refocussed his attention to exploring the Far Zenith base in hopes of finding any information that might be weaponized against Nemesis. During his search, he discovered that one Zenith, Walter Londra, split from the group before the attack on the base and was currently still at large. Tracking his location to the Burning Shores, he called Aloy and informed her both of the threat and opportunity that the rogue Zenith presented, since he could have information on Nemesis, before sending her on her way.

While Aloy explored the Burning Shores, Sylens used the orbital spacecraft at the Zenith base to go up to the Odyssey in the upper atmosphere and explore it, leaving a Datapoint at Tilda's Mansion chronicling his findings.

After receiving data Aloy took from Walter, Sylens concluded that, since Nemesis knew the ins and outs of all of Zenith technology, their best hope for combating it lay with potential superweapons developed by various 21st-century companies. Calling Aloy to The Base to elaborate on his findings, she finally deduced his reason for staying: defeating Nemesis would prove he is "better than anyone". As Aloy turned to leave, however, Sylens admitted that he cannot beat Nemesis alone, leaving her surprised at him showcasing humility.


"He's unscrupulous and dangerous. But also brilliant, skilled, and knowledgeable without equal."
Ourea describing Sylens

Sylens is shown as well-spoken and erudite intellectual, greedy for knowledge and having boundless curiosity. For all of his life, he has been obsessed with uncovering the origins of the machines and the fate of the Old Ones. Calm, focused, and difficult to dissuade or rattle, Sylens pursues his goals with a single mind and little concern for morality. His calm charisma and intelligence has made him an expert at manipulating and exploiting others so long as he gets the answers he seeks. His ability to cover his tracks and marshal resources, has even left Carja spymaster Marad impressed. Sylens considers ignorance a curse, and has little patience for mysticism and tradition when they get in the way of what he wants to know. Upon discovery of APOLLO in records, he considered it to be the greatest gift the Old Ones left behind. He is further critical of the Quen for shrouding their knowledge of the Old World in mysticism and taboo and for creating "a pantheon of corporate shills".

Due to his coldly logical character, Sylens places little value on human emotions, seeing them as obstacles towards achieving one's objectives. As a result, Sylens when engrossed in his pursuit, is often blunt to the point of being callous. While a capable manipulator, he is not a man who enjoy's the company of those he considers as less intelligent than him, and views them as pawns to achieve his objectives. He was insensitive to the emotional turmoil that Aloy felt after realizing her own origins, only remarking that she had two mothers; a dead woman and a machine. Sylens has the tendency to be condescending, assuming that Aloy believed the Earth to be flat, only to be flustered when she showed otherwise. Even when his plans and manipulations have setbacks, he is not often angry, and is instead more focused on how to solve a problem. Most times even if one of his plans fails or is foiled, the result is often to his advantage.

He is an incredibly secretive man, only revealing information about himself when it is crucial, and otherwise insisting that his secrets are his alone. He warns Aloy not to investigate any further into his past. Beyond his love for secrecy, Sylens is notably taciturn, rarely speaking with Aloy unless he deems it necessary. To him, trust between individuals is for fools, that it shifts and crumbles like sand; all what mattered was mutual self-interest.

In spite of his negative qualities, Sylens is capable of seeing his mistakes, admitting that he was foolish to serve HADES. Additionally, while he initially views Aloy as mere means to an end, he slowly comes to respect her ability and care for her well-being. He also expresses undisguised interest when he discovers that Aloy obtained Faro's Omega Clearance. Furthermore, despite his coldly logical dismissal of the deaths that occurred in the Carja civil war, or indeed that occur in any tribal conflict, he abhors the senseless bloodletting that the Carja engaged in under Sun-King Jiran. More than once he referred to the Carja Red Raids and subsequent human sacrifices with disgust while speaking to Aloy, and scornfully implied that the Carja would one day resume the practice. While he derided those practices, he also helped fund and instigate a civil war and the attempted destruction of the Carja to serve his own manipulations and pursuit of knowledge, justifying the results as a way to ensure an escape from Nemesis and access to APOLLO.

Although Sylens tends to put himself before others, there have been times he has done the opposite, such as saving Aloy from the Sun-Ring. Also, after the defeat of Far Zenith, while he was more than willing to leave Earth with The Odyssey and APOLLO, he invited Aloy to join him. When Aloy refused, Sylens was set to leave, but after seeing Aloy's and her friends desire to stay and fight, he had a change of heart, and chose to remain for the time being, willing to help them.

Skills and abilities[]

  • Skilled Programmer: Sylens has an unrivaled proficiency in the usage of Old Ones technology. He was successfully able to create a network of Focuses, as well as a back door that he could use to monitor them undetected.
  • Polymath: Due to his interactions with HADES, Sylens is well-versed in a number of subjects. He is quite possibly the most intelligent human in the new world since the extinction of the Old Ones themselves.
  • Archaic Knowledge: Having studied the Old Ones for most of his life, Sylens has perhaps the most comprehensive knowledge of the Old Ones of any human alive. His knowledge includes the concept of corporations, ancient medical techniques, and some understanding of long-ancient languages. He was able to deduce that Faro robots had a role in ending the Old Ones' civilization, although he was unable to confirm it until Aloy came along.
  • Master Strategist: Aside from his wide array of knowledge, Sylens is a skilled tactician.
  • Skilled Hunter: While not as obvious as his intellect, Sylens is adept as a hunter, being able to take down a Corruptor on his own.
  • Tribal Knowledge: Sylens is knowledgeable in the culture and politics of several tribes. Notably, he is well-versed in Carja Sun Faith and Banuk shamanism, which enabled him to exploit both groups for his mission. Interestingly, he is also aware of Hekarro's ambitions of forging bonds with the Carja, knowledge rare among non-Tenakth.


  • At the start of To Curse the Darkness, Aloy pulled a pun of Sylens' name, to which he responded with actual silence.
  • There are special conversations and encounters with Sylens if Aloy completes side quests and errands associated with him before a certain point in the main quest.
    • In Horizon: Zero Dawn:
      • If Aloy goes to Sunfall before finding Olin, Sylens will reveal himself and warn Aloy not to enter the city or risk revealing to the Eclipse that she survived.
        • Likewise, if Aloy enters Sunfall before destroying the Focus network, she will be able to enter to a certain point in Sunfall, but will not enter the palace, as she agrees with Sylens that it is too dangerous.
    • In The Frozen Wilds, should Aloy uncover all possible information from CYAN after the main DLC line of quests, Sylens will contact Aloy to tell his own remark of the newfound knowledge. Depending on the player's progress in the main story, this could be their parting conversation.
      • The tone of the conversation differs depending on Aloy's knowledge of Sylens' past. If Aloy never presses Ourea to reveal Sylens' story, Sylens will part peacefully. Otherwise, Aloy will make a bitter remark on his treacherous past, and Sylens will retort by warning her not to delve into his past.
    • Horizon: Forbidden West:
      • If Aloy clears out 3 Rebel Camps she will be able to loot a focus off of an enemy. If she takes it back to The Base before stopping Regalla's second attack on Memorial Grove, Sylens will contact Aloy through the focus and sternly warn her against interfering with the Sons of Prometheus, to which Aloy will balk at his warning. He will then fry the focus, preventing her from gaining coordinates to a Supply Cache quest at Camp Nowhere.
        1. Likewise if Aloy discovers the name of the leader of the Sons of Prometheus before meeting Sylens at The Base, she will be able to ask him about his connection with her.
  • The voice actor for Sylens, Lance Reddick sadly passed away from heart disease on March 17, 2023, at age 60, in his home in Los Angeles, whether or not Sylens will be provided with a new voice actor if the series continues remains unknown.



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