Susanne Alpert was one of the potential candidates recruited to Project Zero Dawn.


Susanne Alpert was an environmental scientist. In 2051, she was part of an emergency team in the Syzygy/East nuclear disaster, but her efforts were largely in vain. She also participated in other environmental disaster areas such as the Congo and Timor.

Because of her experience in Syzygy/East, Alpert was forcibly recruited to Project Zero Dawn. She was stunned to learn about Earth's inevitable demise by the Faro Plague.[1] When briefed on the purpose of Zero Dawn, Alpert was shocked beyond words; only her inhibitor was keeping her cognitive. She saw the project as impossible to accomplish, pointing out her previous experience in the field such as Syzygy/East, in which she stated that life cannot always be brought back.

Alpert was also demoralized to learn about the project's "reward" of spending her remaining life in Elysium while sterilized and unable to have a family. Unable to cope with Earth's extinction and having little faith in Zero Dawn, Alpert refused to participate in the project and willingly chose to die via medical euthanasia.[2]


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