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Supercell Storm

Erend and Aloy looking at a supercell storm.

Supercell storms are a weather phenomenon, which had increased in frequency due to the collapsing biosphere.


Supercell storms take the form of large, swirling, hurricane-like vortexes with red lightning.


Supercell storms occurred before GAIA's self-destruction. GAIA sent a Tallneck to monitor one in the Cut, but lightning strikes from the storm damaged the Tallneck enough to become non-functional.[1]

According to game director Mathijs De Jonge, the weather has spiraled out of control, generating the supercell storms that are flooding canyons and fields,[2] especially in the Clan Lands.[3] This increase in supercell storms was caused by AETHER, one of GAIA's lost subordinate functions, due to the lack of coordination with the rest of the terraforming system.[4]

Once AETHER was returned to GAIA, she was able to bring the supercell storms to an end.[5]

During her time in the Forbidden West, Aloy helps those who were affected by the supercell storms, such as those suffering from a flooded Bleeding Mark caused by a supercell storm.[6]



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