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"You pulled us out of a tough spot, outlander! Welcome to Sunstone Rock."
Carja Guard

Sunstone Rock is a side quest in Horizon Zero Dawn.


While traveling through the Jewel, Aloy hears a commotion at Sunstone Rock, a small settlement far to the south of the Sundom. Upon approach, Aloy sees that Carja guards are attempting to take down two Behemoths who have descended on the settlement. After helping dispatch the Behemoths, Aloy is greeted by the guards and told to visit Janeva inside.

The warden informs Aloy that three of Sunstone Rock's most dangerous prisoners were able to escape during the machine attack and announces a bounty on each of their heads. The three prisoners are a Tenakth warrior named Ullia, an Oseram tinkerer named Rasgrund, and Gavan, a traitorous Carja. Janeva further gives Aloy advice on where each of these prisoners may be hiding and requests her assistance in tracking them down.

The three fugitives can be dealt with in any order. Ullia is located at the nearby bandit camp Blackwing Snag. If the player has already cleared this camp they can simply fast travel there and deal with Ullia. If the camp is still controlled by bandits, the player must fight through the camp first to reach Ullia. Rasgrund is located in the Dusk Mesa. Aloy must navigate through the region while avoiding his blaze bombs to reach him. To find Gavan, Aloy must visit the inn in Brightmarket and search for clues. She finds a discarded pair of handcuffs and uses her Focus to track Gavan to a small outpost nearby. Aloy discovers that she is not the only person looking for Gavan and, in fact, the bandit Hashiv and his clan have already reached and mortally wounded him. Aloy must then defeat Hashiv and his bandits.

Once all of the escapees have been dealt with, Aloy returns to Sunstone Rock and informs Janeva of her success. Janeva is grateful and assures Aloy that these criminals would have eventually found death, regardless.


  1. Talk to the Warden
  2. Find Ullia
  3. Kill Ullia
  4. Find Rasgrund
  5. Capture Rasgrund
  6. Find Gaven
  7. Talk to the Innkeeper
  8. Search the Inn for Information about Gavan
  9. Follow Gavan's Trail
  10. Kill the Smugglers
  11. Talk to Gavan
  12. Return to Janeva



Sunstone Rock - Very Hard - No Damage - Video Guide


  • If this quest has been completed before The Looming Shadow, Janeva will join Aloy as an ally at the ridge in Meridian.
  • While approaching Sunstone Rock during the quest, Aloy will find a group of travelers, presumably Shadow Carja refugees.
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