Nil: "I was sent to Sunstone Rock for two years. The trade was fair."
Aloy: "They sent you to a rock for two years? Is this some kind of Carja ritual?"

Sunstone Rock is a location in Horizon Zero Dawn.


Sunstone Rock is a Carja prison located at the southern tip of the Sundom in the Jewel. Since the Liberation of Meridian, Sunstone Rock has harbored many kinds of criminals, from simple thieves to the Mad King Jiran's elite Kestrels. Under the rule of Sun-King Avad, Sunstone Rock was repurposed to help reform criminals. Warden Janeva was assigned to oversee the prison. At one point, the Oseram prisoner Rasgrund crafted a machine lure that he used to draw two Behemoths to the prison. The machines damaged the building enough that he and two others, Gavan and Ullia, could escape. It was not until the arrival of Aloy that the machines were finally killed. The Nora Seeker was then tasked with tracking down the escapees.

Blameless Marad offered a royal pardon to all inmates at Sunstone Rock willing to defend Meridian against HADES' assault on the Spire. According to Janeva, all of the prisoners accepted the deal.

Notable Inhabitants



  • Gavan (formerly, escaped)
  • Nil (formerly, released)
  • Rasgrund (formerly, escaped)
  • Ullia (formerly, escaped)


Scanned Glyphs



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