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"These Hunting Grounds offer the Leverage Trials. They focus on gaining an edge by leveraging machines against each other."
Sun Furrows Keeper

Sun Furrows Hunting Grounds is an activity in Horizon Zero Dawn. The grounds are one of the five known Hunting Grounds maintained by the Hunters Lodge in the Carja capital Meridian.

The Sun Furrows Keeper offers the Leverage Trials. These trials test a hunter's skill in using the offensive weaponry of one machine against others.

For most hunters, this necessitates using Tear arrows to remove the weapon from the machine in order to use it himself/herself. However, Aloy, has the option of using her override skill to make the armed machines fight for her. The Keeper having heard of her skill, gives a trial that specifically necessitates its use, involving the control of Ravagers.

Leverage Trials

Ravager vs. Machines Trial

Players have to remove and use a Ravager Cannon to Kill 2 other Machines.

  • Blazing Sun: 01:10
  • Full Sun: 02:00
  • Half Sun: 20:00

Thunderjaw vs. Ravager Trial

Players have to take advantage of the Thunderjaw to kill the resident Ravagers. This can be done by removing the Thunderjaw's Disc Launchers to Kill Ravagers, or by overriding the Thunderjaw to make the kills. The killing blows will have to come from either source.

  • Blazing Sun: 02:00
  • Full Sun: 02:30
  • Half Sun: 20:00

Ravager Control Trial

Players have to take control of the 2 resident Ravagers before killing the Thunderjaw. The killing blow can either come from the Ravagers or Aloy's weapons.

  • Blazing Sun: 02:40
  • Full Sun: 04:00
  • Half Sun: 20:00



Sun Furrows Hunting Grounds - Very Hard - No Damage - Video Guide


  • The Bylaws of the Lodge mention that each keeper has to design 3 different trials that hunters can undertake. However, the "Ravager Control" Trial was made exclusively for Aloy due to her ability to Override machines; it is unknown what Trial would have been in its place should it be offered to other hunters, if any.


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