Sun-Steps is the northeastern region of the Carja Sundom in Horizon Zero Dawn.


Like most of the eastern Sundom, the Sun-Steps are an arid and rocky region, although there appears to be some snowfall in the north.


Based on Carja glyphs, the Sun-Steps region became part of the Sundom's territory during the reign of Sadahin, the third Sun-King.[1]

Following the Red Raids, a group of Oseram settled at Free Heap, located within the Sun-Steps.


  • Sun-Steps contains points that potentially correspond to the real world locations in the state of Utah:


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  2. Lucas Bolt of Guerilla mentions [[Wikipedia:Delicate Arch|]] and [[Wikipedia:Double Arch|]] in his post Horizon Zero Dawn - Desert Landscapes. The in-game location is the area of Sun-Steps south of Pitchcliff, east of the corrupted rockbreakers. Metal Flower Mark II (F) is located here.
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