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The Sun-Ring is a cultural and religious emblem of the Carja tribe in Horizon Zero Dawn with locations in each of the tribe's major cities.



Meridian's Sun-Ring, repurposed as a memorial

In Meridian, the Sun-Ring is a large arena between the Palace of the Sun and the Sun-Priests' Temple of the Sun. The Ring was designed to resemble a massive sun dial and was originally constructed to honor the Sun God of Carja religion.[1] The exact time of its construction is unclear.

Long ago, in the early years of the Carja kingdom, the Sun-Ring was sometimes used to perform sacrificial offerings to the Sun. Eventually the practice ended and it remained taboo for many years until it was reintroduced during the final decade of Sun-King Jiran's reign. Under Jiran, slaves and captives from foreign tribes as well as dissenters of the regime were thrown into the Ring and forced into deadly machine battles.

His son, Sun-King Avad, abolished the practice of sacrifice in the Sun-Ring and repurposed the Ring into a memorial to those killed by his father. The cells underneath the Ring are still used to temporarily hold prisoners, such as Dervahl


Sun-Ring in Sunfall

When the seventh Sun-King Basadid expanded the tribe's territory west, he choose to build upon a ruin site that had left a large stone ring in the Rustwash. He ordered the construction of a military fortress at the ruin to mark the new western border of the Sundom and called it Sunfall. The stone ring around which the fortress was built thus became a sister Ring to the location in Meridian. During Jiran's reign, the Ring at Sunfall was also used for human sacrifices.

After the Shadow Carja retreated to Sunfall in the wake of the Liberation, Helis was poised to continue the tradition of slaughter in the Sun-Ring once again.


  • The Sun-Ring is similar to the Roman Colosseum in both appearance and historical usage.