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"Thank you, savage -- you saved me from the Sun's judgment!"

Sun’s Judgment is an errand in Horizon Zero Dawn.


Roaming around the Brightmarket docks, Aloy comes to a fruit stall where the vendor Gulahni informs her that almost every night someone has been stealing from her storehouse. With the guards too busy to investigate, Aloy offers her assistance.

Beginning at the storehouse by the river, Aloy examines the storage barrels noting that they have been moved recently. With her Focus, Aloy follows some tracks southwest of Brightmarket, noticing an abundance of rabbits in the area. Discovering that a number of spoiled fruits have attracted the rabbits, Aloy follows the trail of fruit to a large pile being inspected by some boars. After examining the pile, Aloy follows a trail of footprints to a rock wall. As she reaches the top of the wall, Aloy hears the frantic shouts of the thief below as he takes shelter from a flock of Glinthawks. After taking out the machines, Aloy follows a trail of the thief's blood to his campsite where she confronts him. The thief, Dekamin, thanks Aloy for saving him, claiming that it is by the Sun's judgement that the Glinthawks attacked him to punish him for stealing from Gulahni. After Aloy confirms that the Glinthawks are gone and with some encouragement, Dekamin agrees to return to Brightmarket to apologize for his crimes.


  1. Investigate the Storehouse
  2. Follow the Tracks
  3. Investigate the Area
  4. Follow the Fruit Trail
  5. Investigate the Area
  6. Follow the Tracks
  7. Climb up the Rocks
  8. Kill the Glinthawks
  9. Investigate the Area
  10. Follow the Blood Trail
  11. Talk to the Thief



Sun’s Judgment - Very Hard - No Damage - Video Guide


  • Returning to Brightmarket after the completion of errand, Dekamin can be found at Gulahni's stall where he is learning to run the stall and run errands for the other vendors in return for food from Gulahni.
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