An Ancient Vessel bearing the Sterling-Malkeet logo

Sterling-Malkeet was a large company from the ancient world, comparable to Faro Automated Solutions and Metallurgic International, in Horizon Zero Dawn.


Like most large companies at the time, they replaced human employees with robots, using EZVenue Staffing to provide support during events at the company-owned Sterling-Malkeet amphitheater.[1] It was the same amphitheater described by Bashar Mati in his Vantage Points, where he experienced a severe drug overdose at a young age.

Sterling-Malkeet often found themselves surrounded by controversy. In 2063, the company had 500 or more people arrested following a virtual protest staged in the company's holo-net headquarters. They backed candidates such as Senator Gerard O'Neil, who helped keep the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution out of the holo-net, making the arrests possible.[2] The company also threw their weight around outside of the political arena, putting a bounty on Project Zero Dawn Alpha Travis Tate's head after an unspecified incident involving the company and himself.[3]


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