The spear is the default melee weapon that Aloy uses against enemies.


Light Attack

Light attacks have a short charge up time and deal low damage to enemies. Aloy executes a quick succession of light horizontal swings while standing, a downward slash while jumping or another horizontal slash that hits closer to the ground while rolling. They also have a low chance of removing armor and components from machines.

Strong Attack

Strong attacks have a long charge up time and deal moderate damage to enemies. Aloy executes a heavier sequence of two vertical slashes which can knock down small to medium sized machines. Depending on the size of the machine, it may take only one hit to do so; alternately, they may be immune to the spear's knock down effect completely. Strong attacks also have a high chance of removing armor and components from machines.

Context-Sensitive Attacks

By obtaining the appropriate skills, Aloy can perform various context-sensitive attacks like silently taking down smaller machines and regular humans from behind or forcefully thrusting her spear into disabled enemies by pressing the R1 button prompt displayed on the bottom of the screen whenever within activation range. Upgrades, Skill nodes and Spear Modification Coils affect the amount of damage dealt by these attacks.


The following is the numbered damage value of the Spear in both the normal and post-upgrade state. Numbers are of unmodded state and are displayed from left to right following the difficulty order from Story to Ultra Hard, with Bold numbers being applied in Normal difficulty. Note that Tear damage remains the same from Easy to Very Hard.

Variant Damage Damage-Icon.png Tear Tear-Icon.png
Normal 100-31-25-23-20-18 104-26-13
Upgraded 140-44-35-32-28-25 104-26-13


Damage Upgrade

Early in the game, the player can complete the quest In Her Mother's Footsteps which will reward them with a permanent Boost to the Spear's damage, increasing its value to "Rare". This upgrade reward is only applied once in a normal playthrough, as starting New Game+ will have players carry over Sylens' Lance instead.


With the The Frozen Wilds DLC, players can finish the Errand A Secret Shared to unlock the capacity to modify Aloy's melee weapons. The Spear will have one modification slot that can be used for Special coils that increase the Spear's damage.


After defeating the first Corruptor, Aloy installs an override module at the base of the spear. This allows her to override hostile machines, making them her ally for a period of time, or if appropriate skill upgrades are chosen, permanently. This feature can be upgraded by completing Cauldrons, allowing Aloy to override a larger variety of machines. However, it is worth noting that Corrupted Machines and Daemonic Machines cannot be overridden.


  • In The Frozen Wilds, if Aloy talks to Kamut and begins A Secret Shared with her spear still equipped, she will reveal that she made the weapon herself.
  • This weapon cannot be carried over to New Game+ since Sylens' Lance replaces it permanently in normal Playthrough, and will always be carried over from the same line of loadout.
  • Aloy's spear, even with the override module attached, is much shorter than any other spear seen in the game. The reason of its unusually short length is unknown.
  • Before having the Override device attached at the back, Aloy's grip of the spear with one hand is technically at the point furthest back on the shaft, making the animation looks like she's wielding a sword or a machete.
  • Human enemies will automatically start blocking Aloy's light attacks if she hits them at least twice in a row, dramatically decreasing damage taken. Heavies and elites will start blocking after they get hit at least once by a light attack.
  • In Fortnite, Aloy's Spear is available as a Harvesting Tool. Strangely, this spear has a second Master Overdrive Module, which is different to its original appearance
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