Song's Edge is a location in Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds, located due north of the Banuk Encampment. It is the biggest settlement in the Cut and the first location Aloy encounters in the add-on.


Song's Edge is presumed to be the southernmost Banuk settlement, sitting atop a cliff northwest of the Grave-Hoard. Like most Banuk settlements, Song's Edge is comprised mainly of tents, although there is a hut operated by Oseram merchants. On a nearby cliff wall is a massive petroglyph, which later comes to feature a mural of Aloy.


For generations, Song's Edge was a sparsely populated meeting place for weraks traveling south of Ban-Ur.[1]

Red Raids

Due to its proximity to the Sundom and its accessibility compared to the harsh landscape of Ban-Ur, Song's Edge became a front-line battle camp for the Banuk during the Red Raids. The cliff walls would be painted with bloody images as a warning to the Carja invaders.

When the Red Raids finally came to an end with the ascension of Sun-King Avad in 3038, The Cut became a destination for wealthy Carja outlanders interested in hunting opportunities and Oseram traders hoping to capitalize on the influx of visitors to Song's Edge. Since then, the settlement has become a trading post occupied year-round by villagers, outlanders, and merchants alike. While numerous weraks can be found here, the most prominent is the one led by Aratak.



  • Pigment 1, set 1: Light Salt




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  2. The bacteria pool is visually similar to the Morning Glory Pool.
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