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Snowchants Hunting Grounds is an activity in Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds. This Hunting Grounds was established by the Banuk and is located in the Banuk region known as The Cut. Unlike the other five Hunting Grounds, it is not managed by the Hunters Lodge in Meridian. Additionally, performance in the trials at this Hunting Grounds is judged in terms of first, second and third place depending on completion times, instead of marks based on completion times. Additionally, there is an especially difficult and demanding trial, known as the Chieftain’s Trial, which is reserved only for werak chieftains.

The Nora Brave Aloy underwent the trials during her time in The Cut. However, while the Lodge Hunting Grounds were immediately open to her, she first had to successfully undertake a very dangerous and demanding journey known The Shaman's Path order to undertake the trials at this Hunting Grounds. She undertook the Chieftain’s Trial after successfully challenging the chieftain Aratak for leadership of his werak. Some time after aiding a young hunter named Ikrie, she discovered that Ikrie had gone to the Hunting Grounds and set up a friendly challenge for the two of them to complete.

Snowchants Trials

The first two trials cannot be undertaken until completion of The Shaman's Path, and the third trial requires completion of For the Werak, which gives Aloy the chieftain title she needs to be allowed to undertake it.

Control Trial

Kill a Ravager and any 5 other machines in the arena with a Stormslinger. Any variant of the weapon counts.

  • First Place: 00:55
  • Second Place: 01:20
  • Third Place: 20:00

Onslaught Trial

Kill the waves of Machines throughout the arena's trail.

  • First Place: 03:30
  • Second Place: 05:00
  • Third Place: 20:00

Chieftain's Trial

Kill all Machines throughout the arena's trail. The Machine types in this trial are of tougher types than the Onslaught trial.

  • First Place: 04:30
  • Second Place: 05:30
  • Third Place: 20:00




Snowchants Hunting Ground - Ultra Hard - No Damage - Video Guide

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