Skills are special abilities that can be unlocked using skill points. The Skills tree includes various offensive, defensive, and support abilities for Aloy in Horizon Zero Dawn. Skills are organized into three primary sections: Prowler, Brave, and Forager with a fourth section, Traveler, introduced in the Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds add-on.

Skills are unlocked by using earned skill points to level up abilities, giving players new advantages to help Aloy through her journey. As the player unlocks each skill tree, skills further down become more expensive.

Earning Skill Points

Skill points are earned by leveling up through experience points and by completing certain quests and activities. There are a total of 84 skill points available in the base game, though only 81 are necessary to purchase all skills from the first three skill trees. Up to 50 points can be earned by reaching the maximum level and 34 points are available through quests: 17 from main quests, 3 from side quests (Acquired Taste, Redmaw, and Queen's Gambit), and 14 from activities.

The Frozen Wilds adds 14 additional skill points, 4 short of the 18 needed to purchase all skills from the new Traveler skill tree. Ten can be gained through experience given that the expansion raises the level cap to 60 and 4 points are available through quests and activities. In order to get the 4 points left, the player can complete some quests several times, as for example, the last main quests.

Available Skills


The Prowler skill tree consists of stealth-based maneuvers and combat improvements.

Icon Name Description Requirement Cost
SilentStrike-Icon Silent Strike Press R1 to perform a silent takedown on small machines and humans, or deal high damage to medium enemies. None EXPIcon 1
StrikeFromAbove-Icon Strike From Above Press R1 to silently drop and take down small machines and humans, or deal high damage to medium enemies. Silent Strike EXPIcon 2
StrikeFromBelow-Icon Strike From Below Press R1 when hanging below human enemies to perform a silent takedown. Strike From Above EXPIcon 3
LeaderStrike-Icon Leader Strike Press R1 to perform a silent takedown on heavy and elite human enemies. Strike From Below EXPIcon 3
HunterReflexes-Icon Hunter Reflexes Time slows while aiming during a jump or slide. None EXPIcon 1
BalancedAim-Icon Balanced Aim Use range weapons while balancing on ropes. Hunter Reflexes EXPIcon 2
StrongStrike-Icon Strong Strike 15% damage increase to Stike attacks. Strike From Above EXPIcon 3
StrongStrike+-Icon Strong Strike+ 30% damage increase to Strike attacks. Strong Strike EXPIcon 3
SilentDrop-Icon Silent Drop Landing from a fall or jump is completely silent, and will not alert otherwise unaware enemies. None EXPIcon 1
LowProfile-Icon Low Profile Further reduces your visibility to enemies when crouching. Silent Drop EXPIcon 2
DodgeProwess-Icon Dodge Prowess Hold circle for a long dodge roll, or tap circle for a short dodge roll. Low Profile EXPIcon 3
QuietSprint-Icon Quiet Sprint Sprinting is quiet, greatly reducing the chances of alerting nearby enemies. Dodge Prowess EXPIcon 3


Brave is a skill tree that focuses on direct combat improvements for Aloy. Abilities in this tree include damage and accuracy improvements on a variety of weapons.

Icon Name Description Requirement Cost
Concentration-Icon Concentration While aiming toggle with R3 to slow down time. None EXPIcon 1
HeavyLifter-Icon Heavy Lifter Move faster while wielding a heavy weapon. Concentration EXPIcon 2
Concentration+-Icon Concentration+ Increases the maximum duration of Concentration. Heavy Lifter EXPIcon 3
FastReload-Icon Fast Reload Faster reload while using Concentration. Concentration+ EXPIcon 3
CriticalHit-Icon Critical Hit Press R1 for a high damage attack on downed enemies. None EXPIcon 1
CriticalHit+-Icon Critical Hit+ Critical hits deal more damage. Critical Hit EXPIcon 2
DoubleShot-Icon Double Shot Use R1 while aiming to notch an additional arrow on all bow weapons. Heavy Lifter EXPIcon 3
TripleShot-Icon Triple Shot Use R1 while aiming to notch up to 3 arrows at once on all bow weapons. Double Shot EXPIcon 3
Precision-Icon Precision Light spear attacks have an increased chance to knock off armor and components. None EXPIcon 1
Precision+-Icon Precision+ Light spear attacks have a greatly increased chance to knock off armor and components. Precision EXPIcon 2
KnockDown-Icon Knock Down Heavy spear attacks will knock down machines faster. Precision+ EXPIcon 3
FightingBack-Icon Fighting Back Heavy spear attacks deal increased damage when Aloy's health is low. Knock Down EXPIcon 3


The Forager skill tree is a support-focused tree that includes passive skills, health improvements, and abilities that help Aloy find resources from enemies and the environment.

Icon Name Description Requirement Cost
LureCall-Icon Lure Call Use (!) from the tools menu to lure a single enemy to your position. The target will be the closest, most centered in Aloy's view. None EXPIcon 1
CombatOverride-Icon Combat Override [1] Increases the time a machine will remain overridden by 50%. Lure Call EXPIcon 2
CombatOverride+-Icon Combat Override+ [1] Increases the time a machine will remain overridden indefinitely. Combat Override EXPIcon 3
CallMount+-Icon Call Mount+ [1] Calls a new overridden mount if no mount is available. Combat Override+ EXPIcon 3
Healer-Icon Healer Speeds up healing from the medicine pouch. None EXPIcon 1
Herbalist-Icon Herbalist Doubles the capacity of the medicine pouch. Healer EXPIcon 2
DisarmTraps-Icon Disarm Traps Traps and tripwires can now be disarmed and reused. Scavenger EXPIcon 3
Tinker-Icon Tinker Weapon Coils and Outfit Weaves can now be removed and reused. Disarm Traps EXPIcon 3
Gatherer-Icon Gatherer Additional natural resources when foraging. None EXPIcon 1
Scavenger-Icon Scavenger Chance for extra resources when looting downed machines. Gatherer EXPIcon 2
AmmoCrafter-Icon Ammo Crafter Craft additional ammo from the same amount of resources. Scavenger EXPIcon 3
Scavenger+-Icon Scavenger+ Increased chances for extra resources when looting downed machines. Ammo Crafter EXPIcon 3


The Traveler skill tree is available through the Frozen Wilds add-on. These skills improve the usefulness of resources and mounts.

Icon Name Description Requirement Cost
MountedPickup-Icon Mounted Pickup [1] Gather resources and search downed enemies while mounted. None EXPIcon 1
MountRepair-Icon Mount Repair [1] Repair a damaged mount using Metal Shards. Mounted Pickup EXPIcon 2
MachineRepair-Icon Machine Repair [1] Repair any overridden machine using Metal Shards. Mount Repair EXPIcon 3
MountRepair+-Icon Mount Repair+ [1] Increases mount health and repair speed. Machine Repair EXPIcon 3
DismountStrike-Icon Dismount Strike [1] Press square to launch a jumping attack from your mount. Machine Repair EXPIcon 3
ShardSalvager-Icon Shard Salvager Disassemble resources and modifications into 50% of their Metal Shard value. None EXPIcon 1
ExpertCarver-Icon Expert Carver Increased chance to loot Skins, Bones, Lenses, and Hearts. Shard Salvager EXPIcon 2
Hoarder-Icon Hoarder Increases resource inventory slots by 20%. Expert Carver EXPIcon 3


  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 1.5 1.6 1.7 This skill cannot be obtained until after completion of the main quest, The Womb of the Mountain.
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