"...[Daytower], a Carja outpost situated beyond the abandoned old Nora border at Shivering Watch."
Horizon Zero Dawn Collector's Edition Guide, p. 526

Shivering Watch is an abandoned Nora gate location in Horizon Zero Dawn between Daytower Gate and Two-Teeth Bandit Camp.


The gate was the original western border of the Sacred Land.[1] However, during the Red Raids, Shivering Watch was destroyed by the Carja, and the Nora were forced to relinquish their claim to the Valleymeet region. Like the rest of Valleymeet, Shivering Watch has been untouched by the Nora since the end of the Red Raids. The current border of Nora territory is now the settlement of Mother's Crown.


  • The area between Daytower Gate and Shivering Watch is likely a no man's land.



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