"This job demands a certain degree of patience, doesn’t it?"
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The Shellsnapper is a machine in Horizon Forbidden West.[2] It is a large combat machine, notable for its natural camouflage.[1]


The Shellsnapper resembles an enormous snapping turtle, with large amounts of foliage covering its shell.


Some time after the Battle of the Alight, Talanah Khane Padish and Amadis Beit Raveesh encountered a Shellsnapper in an underground lake near Sunbreak Valley, where it was seemingly guarding the entrance to a Cauldron.


This machine guards the shores and swamps of the Forbidden West.[2] It can dig itself in and lie dormant for weeks, during which its impenetrable shell can become covered by the surrounding foliage.[3] Despite this, it is capable of readying itself for battle in moments, effectively ambushing intruders.[1]



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